s*t*a*r*s (The Kindred Series - 2)

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The Children of Legacy


            “You certainly don’t have to go,” Emma tells her daughter, Rylee Scott.  Emma doesn’t want Rylee going away, but if this is what her daughter wants, then this is what Rylee would get.  The fact that Rylee is going to an island that Emma herself had once gone to every weekend weighs on her mind.  Natalie Summer is the head mistress and Emma trusted Natalie with her life, and had on several occasions.  Rylee, of course, knows nothing of this.  Emma has keeps many things from her daughter.

            “I know.  I mean, why leave paradise for a moody, dreary, rainy island?” asks the athletic girl with her sarcasm-filled voice.  They are walking on one of the many mountain roads that they routinely ventured onto, Shadow, their dog, in the lead.  Rylee’s legs move her effortlessly over the rocky path, dark eyes scanning every moment in the distance, always aware of her surroundings.  Her jet-black hair tied in a loose ponytail.

            “Because, if you want to be a journalist, a real reporter, you are going to have to leave Hawaii for that, you realize, yes?”  Emma asks, mimicking her own father.  Emma places her hands before her in prayer position, bowing as they walk, her silky hair falls waywardly around her face. 

Rylee laughs softly, her dark eyes narrow, whistling to Shadow, the dog turning, shaking his head.  It is as if Shadow knows what Rylee wants, and he isn’t about to let her have it.

            “Yes, mom, I realize.  You sound just like grandpa when you do that.  It’s a lot of money,” begins Rylee trying to find a way to not go, but then again, she really does need to be away from Hawaii.  She knows it is time to step out of paradise and see the rest of the world.  Rylee is an only child, one that isn’t spoiled but very much revered by her parents. 

            “Which we have,” assures Emma.  Her daughter is always thoughtful of things of that nature.  “Look kiddo, you don’t have to go.  This is a really exclusive school, but we can afford to send you, and if you want to be Chloe Sullivan when you grow up…”

            “Um, mom, Lois Lane, I wanna be Lois Lane, not from the movies, from the comics, mom.  Who is Chloe?  You know I don’t watch enough TV to know this stuff, right?”

            “Different generation honey, I grew up on Smallville, you grew up on the new Superman trilogy.  And yes, the comic book, damn your dad for getting them for you.  Anyway, you know what I mean.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ll miss you,” begins Emma with a laugh, swinging an arm around her daughter lovingly.  “But, I cannot deny you this opportunity.  It’s a great chance to spread your wings and you are old enough to make your own decision about this.”

            Rylee keeps walking, thinking, not wanting to leave the comfortable surroundings of her life, but then again, she yearned to see it all.  To be out there, to be herself and not feel confined in her own skin.  It is a deep seeded need to venture out and be on her own, but at Haven Island she has the chance to be in a safe environment also.

            “Well, I’d have to go, like, today?  Doesn’t orientation start this morning?”

            “Well, it’s a three day orientation, you still have time,” encourages her mother.  Shadow paddles back to her, pawing the ground twice, letting out a whiney yowl, and wagging his tail.

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