s*t*a*r*s - pt 10

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It's FRIDAY!  Okay, sound out, everyone - what are you liking, what aren't you liking?  Talk to me, ppl! Part 1 is winding down :)


            “She’s not talking to anyone,” says Tegan about Spencer.  “What is going on, I thought you are making headway, Rylee.”

            “No kidding, even in class, she’s fucking silent all the time!” sighs Rylee, taking the blame for the sudden falling out.  “How can a person go through life without talking!”

            “We can’t live all semester like this,” grunts Sydney, flexing her hand and strumming her guitar.  The cut had healed almost overnight and Sydney doesn’t know why.  Still worried that Spencer has been infected but not knowing how to approach the suddenly unapproachable Spencer Andrews.  They are out on the quad, relaxing after a long day of classes.        

            “Like we have a choice,” says Abigail, laying down on her back and looking up at the sky.  Her buzz is slowly disappearing and it is taking more and more of her drug to stay foggy.  Abby is starting to try and figure out a way to break into the doctor’s office to gain access to more drugs. 

            “The semester ends in three weeks, I think we’ll survive,” sighes Tegan.  “Who knows if Spencer will be back next semester, she might not be getting the grades.”  Thinking of having to go back to her mother’s house again, having to deal with the cool looks that her parents give one another.  It is awful, her father has called her every weekend and Tegan has refused to talk to her mother.

            “Ah, and then back to the surf and sun of Hawaii,” smiles Rylee, thinking of the girls on the beach during winter break.  She hides the smile that brims on her lips.

            “Ah, and I get to go back to snowstorms and white outs,” laughs Abigail.  “Last snowstorm over Thanksgiving is 14 inches.”

            “So, come to Hawaii?  We have room, and I’m sure my parents won’t care, that is, if your parents let you.  I mean, six weeks of down time is a long time,” offers Rylee.

            “Not gonna happen, Dr. Darci Haim…,” begins Abigail with a wave of her dark hand.

            “What did you say?” asks Rylee her attention now fully on Abby.  She turns, facing Abby and another cog of the puzzle falls into place.

            “My mom, Dr. Darci Haim-LeBeau, why?  She usually only uses Haim though, I think she likes the name better.”

            Rylee says nothing.  They are all connected.  Each of them, Rylee needs to find out how and why they’ve all been put in this room together.


            They’d all known each other.  Their mothers had all been friends, at one point and time in their lives.  Rylee sulks, walking around the grounds of the school, kicking at the always perfectly manicured lawn.  Twilight is starting to fall, and Rylee doesn’t want to go back up to her room.  There are too many secrets that she harbors already, how can she deal with more, will it every stop? 

How?  How is it that none of them had known each until now?  Why had they been keeps apart?  Especially Tegan and Spencer, if what she’s found out is true.  How had Jo Wheaton cut herself from the lives of her four best friends?  Why had Rylee’s mother, Emma, never mentioned Darci or gone to Shelby’s funeral?  It makes no sense at all to the teenager. 

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