Lines (PART1 From Other WATTPAD Stories) by TheCatIsLollipop
Lines (PART1 From Other WATTPAD St...by papaplolipap
Part 1 1-20
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• • HeartBreak • • by MuscleSeagull
• • HeartBreak • •by ㅇㅅㅇ
" I love you.. " " You disgust me. " ~ Deliah is a lesbian female who has a crush on Brielle . But did you know that Brielle doesn't like her back? ...
  • love
  • stronglanguage
  • fantasy
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The Maid And The Prince by Soyeon_Minseok
The Maid And The Princeby Mc Darrel Ayuste
Dear Reader Image Since 1995, I was editor-in-chief of an international magazine, headquartered in Tokyo. I interviewed, wrote articles, and worked with my correspondent...
  • highschool
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  • maid
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Her Heart Is An Opened Book by Cherry_Blossom19
Her Heart Is An Opened Bookby Cherry Witch
#teenfictionprompt Jo Jo Mojo By Cherry Witch or Cherry_Blossom19
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No Matter What ✔ (COMPLETED) by iRebelSri
No Matter What ✔ (COMPLETED)by 💖Srishti💖
Sequel to 'I Found Light' Sometimes, In life, you come across certain situations, when you choose to sacrifice everything for someone else's happiness. There isn't much...
  • indianlovestory
  • tears
  • nikhil
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Getaway by Misty_Nights
Getawayby Misty_Nights
"I hate it here." I said, sobbing. "Do you wanna get away?" he asked, still not looking at me. "... Yeah." "Then let's get away."...
  • romance
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  • ocd
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Book titles by ilanea6
Book titlesby little-bean
This book contains many titles of most genres. I hope you like them!
  • teen-fiction
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  • werewolf
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Gang Leaders Property by wintrrBrezze
Gang Leaders Propertyby Naturally Honest
17 year old Estella, and her best friend lacey a party and wake up with a massive hangover.But she didn't know she was gonna be drunk and wake up in a alley and witness...
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Metal Clouds by Drdkup
Metal Cloudsby Dr.dKmaymay
This story is told from multiple perspectives and is filled with passion, thriller, revenge, raw emotion, and personality. A romantic disaster about how the relationship...
  • tragedy
  • fiction
  • chick-lit
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The Secret Fairytale by Moonlight-Noona
The Secret Fairytaleby Ate Moonlight
Maniniwala ka bang may mga taong ang tagal mo nang kasama ay hindi mo pa lubusang kilala? Itinuring mong nanay ay karibal mo sa lahat.. Wala kang inaasahan, Hindi mo pin...
  • lovestory
  • teen-fiction
  • romance
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For the Love of Sharks by annamlarsen
For the Love of Sharksby annamlarsen
Evie an her college roommate, Eliza or El, have the chance of an affordable summer lifetime - to live with El's family friend, Hannah, down in Florida. Lifeguards at the...
  • travel
  • summer
  • beach
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Glacier by beth_lynn
Glacierby Beth Lynn
Seventeen year old Carly wanted nothing more than a life of music, and she thought that Glacier Talents, an elite boarding school was the place for her. That was until s...
  • supernatural
  • pyrokinesis
  • werewolves
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Disease || Stray kids' ff by kaemryyn
Disease || Stray kids' ffby kaemryyn
Bae Taeyeon,a 16 year old girl suffers from having a disease. She has this since she was young and the name of this disease is unknown. Her disease is her emotions. She...
  • disorder
  • fantasy
  • mental
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Hers by StarsnMoon_
Hersby StarsnMoon_
She was just a broken soul hell bent on beating this game called life. On the run, Aurelia Lin, a seventeen girl old girl, has no time for anyone. It's always been just...
  • relationship
  • drama
  • highschool
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The Wright House by Alastair_22
The Wright Houseby Alastair Carswell
Separated by the Atlantic and unaware of each others existence, Bea and Caleb have lived in the shadow of their "better" siblings their whole life. Until Bea m...
  • rivalry
  • relationships
  • gripping
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Children of Utopia by DanSegja
Children of Utopiaby Daniel Segja
It's been 50 years after The Outbreak, a disastrous infection killing almost all of human life hand in hand with a wold war. The human race desperately tried to create a...
  • novel
  • scifi
  • utopia
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Your Lover Boy by SipraStewart
Your Lover Boyby Sipra
One night Bella received a call from an unknown number. It was unlikely for anyone to call her at that time. And she was shocked when the caller said he was her lover bo...
  • girl
  • bella
  • unknown
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New Rules by bad_queenX
New Rulesby bad_queenX
After having her heart broken many times, it is time for Reina to change and make new rules for herself. Moving to Madison is a fresh start for her. After her first day...
  • bích
  • rules
  • teen-fiction
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Operation 69: Revenge ng Sawi by MakatangKaito
Operation 69: Revenge ng Sawiby Kaito-kid
Being left in the middle of nowhere, broken-hearted, with nowhere to go, accidentally bump into someone and offered you a contract that you can't turn down. What if a ni...
  • humor
  • highschool
  • romance
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