s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 27

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Oh oh, trouble! I want to say a big thank you to everyone who keeps reading this story - it's not a Twilight story, not a Harry Potter story, nor is it to fuffy or full of sex.  Yet, each chapter I get a good 150+ reads in two days - which is pretty good!  Thank you for reading :)


            Tegan comes out of the shower to find Rylee scribbling in her journal, Spencer, Sydney and Abby are gone. 

            “You got a message on the door,” says Rylee offhandedly.


            “The techies,” says Rylee.

            The techies are the nerds and geeks who fix computers and such.  Natalie had lifted the laptop ban the first week of the second semester.  They are all HIA sanctioned laptops the internet is restricted.  No facebook, no myspace, no twitter.  Strictly email and research, a week earlier, Tegan’s laptop had simply died.  At first, Tegan had suspected that Spencer had fried it, but Spencer had sworn she’d not touched it.  Tegan was inclined to believe her.

            Taking the note, Tegan reads it.  Crumpling it and heading for the door, she is going to get her laptop.  How appropriate, only a few hours before she has to turn it in.  Her blonde hair is darker because of the shower, she now twists it into a ponytail, grabbed a pen from a younger girl who is walking by with disregard.  She jams it in her hair, holding it in place.  This is stupid, making her pick up the laptop only to walk back in a few hours to turn it in. 

            Walking with purpose, soft anger bristles about her, Tegan ignores everyone who says hello.  Unsure why she is so angry, Tegan is going to let loose on the techno geeks.

            Tegan rounds the corner, side stepping a young boy who is lugging his just returned laptop in his left hand.  Tegan pushes the door open.

            There is a long counter, it gleams in the soft lighting, a single bell sits there, with a sign that reads, ring for service.

            Tegan slaps the bell, maybe a little harder than she should.

            “Be there in a second,” says someone from behind her.

            Tegan spins around.  “Look, I want my laptop, which, really should have been fixed weeks ago.”

            A tall young man emerges from another doorway.  He has raven hair and sea blue eyes, a pair of rimless glasses perch on his nose.  He pushes the glasses up with a finger.  “I realize that our speed is not to your liking, but it was unavoidable, I had to order a part of your laptop.  Miss Larkin, yes?” he asks.

            Tegan swallows hard.  Techno geek is gorgeous.  Nerdy in every single way, but under the messy head of hair and the glasses he’s Clark Kent in disguise.  A sweater over the button up shirt, glasses, tall, lanky, awkward, but there is something about him that makes Tegan hot under the collar.

            “What is your name?” demands Tegan.

            “Matt,” he says.  “Why?”

            “No reason,” says Tegan. 

            Matt is holding what Tegan presumes is her laptop.  She reaches for it but he pulls it away before she can touch it.  “This one isn’t yours.  Hold on a second.”  Matt moves passed her and his body brushes hers. 

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