s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 100

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It has been a long, devastating day and all I want to do is go to bed, but I can't.  I have a test in 11hr and I haven't studied an iota of what I should have studied for it.  For details about my insane day: janetmg.wordpress.com - and now, what you are REALLY wanting: Friday's post (it is midnight here!) enjoy! Rock on, dot com!

Oh and in celebration of this being the 100th post when I get 10 votes and 10 unique comments from 10 unique posters - I'll post another chapter - hows that?

And soon, Jo Wheaton dies.



            Abby stretches and her hand hits the big fluffy dog that is lying next to her.  She rolls over and pets Shadow, the mammoth dog that is Rylee Scott’s.  He’s cute and cuddly and Abby thinks that he knows what she’s thinking. 

            She, Spencer and Rylee had used one of Natalie’s port objects to come spend the weekend in Hawaii.  They had spent their day surfing and most of the evening on the beach with a small fire blazing.  Abby had sent Spencer and Rylee off to have some alone time and she and Shadow had taken a blanket to the beach and she’d fallen asleep.  Mario was in LA with Emma so they had the home to themselves. 

            The dog yawns and snaps his jaws shut.  His tail sweeps the sand behind him.  Abby looks up and sees the sun starting to creep up over the mountain to her left.  Brilliant hues of orange and yellow chase away the ebony of the night.  Abby pulls the blanket closer around her shoulders and watches.  She’d never slept on a beach before and it was something she wanted to experience. 

            She blinks.  Something in the back of her mind starts to tickle, a soft voice of someone or something, weird words, she’s sure it isn’t in a language she knows.  “What the?”

            She stands, the blanket falling off her shoulders onto the ground in a pool of fabric.  Her eyes search the scenery and finds nothing.  There it is again, whispering.  She squeezes her hands shut and reaches for Shadow.

            The dog shuffles over to her and she grabs his collar and he leads her towards the house, all the while Abby tries to listen to what the voices are saying.



            Spencer feels Rylee’s bare arm across her chest, her hand rests just below her breast.  Spencer opens her eyes and finds the world is a technocolored blur.  She hears something an odd faint whisper in the back of her mind.  Almost like when Jo talks to her through her telepathic link.  Spencer eases Rylee’s arm off her and sits up.  “Lee, Lee, wake up.”

            Rylee groans.  “No, it’s too early.”  She rolls over onto her side and Spencer mirrors her, pulling her close. 

            “Lee, do you hear it?”

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