s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 120

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             “Son of a bitch,” says Mike as he hefts another arm load of books onto the table.  Sydney, the good Sydney, who is still at Sean’s, teleports them from the table. 

             “Spencer was correct,” says Dathan softly as he flips through another book.  “This is most definitely my father’s script.  It was also written well after we thought he had passed from this life to another.  Obviously his death was hidden.”

             Spencer stands off to the side, a huge bubble of energy masking their presence at the school.  It’s blue and flexes and pulses.  “Can we hurry this up a bit?  I can’t sap every single fish in the damn sea or I’ll never eat another haddock again,” grumbles the teenager.

             Dathan turns and looks at her.  “Do you taste what you sap energy from?”

             “Sometimes,” says Spencer.  “Gives me heartburn, too.”

             Mike and Dathan hurry to the final achieve in the back of the room and drop book after book on the table.  The dust in the underground cavern makes Spencer cough.  More books disappear and Spencer sees the glimmer of a dark yellow flash.  “Stop, stop!”

             Dathan stops and shifts to look at Spencer and he says, “What is wrong?”

             “That last batch, our Sydney didn’t teleport it,” says Spencer.  She pulls her cell phone from her pocket and tosses it to Dathan.  “Call the house and tell them to send Shelby.”

             “No,” snaps Mike.  “She’s safe at Sean’s.”

             “We are all in danger here, Mike,” says Spencer.  “I have a thought.”

             Dathan makes the call.


            Shelby disappears from her spot and Sydney paces the room.  The place is stifling and she wants to go help, she wants to get this done with.  How is it that no one ever made that connection?  That Ravanche from over twenty years before was in fact, Iesous?

             Shelby reappears with the remainder of the books.  “They can’t get out, Natalie your homing devices, those marble things, won’t work,” says Shelby.  “Spencer wanted to try and power me but I don’t think that now is the time to try an experiment with my powers.”

             Rylee groans.  Tegan wraps her arms around her.  Rylee shrugs out of the hug, she knows just what Spencer is going to do now and she hates it.

             They had known this was a risky venture.  Spencer could use an energy barrier to stop anyone from finding them, but they also wanted to make sure that no one at The Legacy could spot talent.  So Mike and Dathan were the obvious picks.  Mike knew where the old books were kept and Dathan refused to let Spencer go without him.

             “Fuck this,” snaps Sydney and she disappears.


            Sydney appears next to Spencer, they lock gazes and Spencer cocks her head to one side.  “Hold them off, they are here, aren’t they?” Sydney asks.

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