s*t*a*r*s - pt 11

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I have this friend, I'm going to call her Mac (and she's reading this and knows who she is) and a long time ago, I swore I'd finish JADES, but I put it off, Jo Wheaton can be taxing, she consumes me.  A while back, Mac started her weight loss program and when she did, I started to fnish writing JADES (she didn't know that, but she does now).  She is the first person who read it, JADES and had read up to part 5, I think.  Literally the first part was in a spiral note book with blue paper, she later helped me type up the 1st digital copy in the library at our elemetary school.  It was like, 40 pages long, hand written, and I thought it was horrible.  Yet, Mac liked it, she liked Jo, she liked Darci, she liked them all.  Mac is my Darci Haim in a lot of ways, and while Mac isn't a doctor, she is that loyal friend, who will tell you like it is.  So a while back she confessed she was reading JADES, here, on Wattpad.  I thought it was odd, since she could easily say, "Woman, email me that stuff" but then I thought she might like the suspence of waiting to read the next part.  She's always credited me with things, like her not giving up on what she wants, (There is no such word as CAN'T!) but she forgets that I credit HER for being the 1st person to tell me to write, for liking it, for seeing what could be, not what was there (So, you're going to write more of this, right?).  One of these days, we'll have a drink, on my porch, and she'll ask me the 101 things about JADES that I know she wants to know.....  And just how twisted I am to have thought up STARS....Until then, Mac, I'll keep posting, and writing, for you, my friend.


            Spencer yanks Rylee behind her.  “For a one legged woman, you sure do move fast.”

            “Almost there,” says Spencer as they crest the staircase, but before Spencer comes face to face with the other girls, she has something to say to Rylee.  “You kissed me.”

            “I know, it is whatever you are doing,” states Rylee steadfastly

            Spencer tosses a look over her shoulder at Rylee, knowing instantly that she is lying to her.

            “That isn’t why,” states Spencer.

            Rylee stops, pulling Spencer to a stop also.  Staring hard at each other, Rylee grips Spencer’s hand more firmly.  “It is why.”

            “Where do you think you are going?” asks Natalie Summers before the girls can continue their talk.  The lights have gone out before they have time to put their plan into motion and Natalie is beginning to think that they, the daughter’s of J*A*D*E*S, are testing them.

            Tonight had been the night they were going to test the daughter’s of J*A*D*E*S.  Instead, for some reason unknown to Natalie, Spencer Andrews has overloaded every single circuit in the castle.  Then, to top it off, the generator refuses to start up.

            “Coming through,” says Spencer, her voice deeper and haunting as she extends her left hand, and a brilliant blue wave comes shooting out of her hand.

            “Son of a bitch,” says Rylee.

            Natalie is sent flying against the far wall.  A deafening crunch is heard and Spencer says softly, “No worries, she’s alive.”

            “How do you…?” asks Rylee, spinning Spencer around in the dark.

            “My mom always says it’s a kina magic,” says Spencer with a soft chuckle.  “She’s not dead, she’ll hurt in the AM, but she’s alive.  Come on.”

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