s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 95

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So, since stars-7 is complete and I have 30 more installments of stars to post (at least) and because I have about 20K words done on stars-8, also, I finished my STATS homework - here is another installment :)  All I ask is that you VOTE!  :)  rock on, dot com


            “Should we?” asks Jo not sure what do to if Rylee and Spencer are upstairs in Heaven having sex.  It’s been almost an hour and Jo is starting to worry.

            “Hell non,” says Emma in the same accent that inflicts Jo’s voice.  Jo grimaces, torn, wondering what would have happened if she and Amy’d had been interrupted when they were having sex.  But this isn’t their first time.  Jo figures that they aren’t breaking any rules and letting them have their moment is okay.

            “Let’s dance,” says Rosita to Alysse taking her hand and hauling her to her feet.  Disappearing onto the dance floor, Camilla and Lana follow suit, heading up to the DJ booth, ready to get the real party started.

            “Do you want too?” asks Bev motioning to the dance floor hoping to take Jo’s mind off what might be going on upstairs.

            “Ha!” says Amy.  “…sorry.”

            Jo rolls her eyes at Amy.

            “You wanna dance?  With moi? Mmmmmm, does it count for foreplay?” asks Jo in a seductive voice already tired, and wanting to have that so often talked about make up sex with Bev later that night. 

            “As a matter a fact, it does,” says Bev batting her eyes and leading Jo onto the dance floor.

            Harley and Nina go to the dance floor while Amy takes a phone call.  They are dancing when someone tugs on Harley.  “Come on,” says Sydney.  She’s trailed by Spencer and Maddie, Harley’s band mate.

            “Where are we going?” asks Harley roughly. 

            “These two said they will sing, or at least, this one is gonna sing,” says Maddie pointing to Spencer who grimaces, having been coerced into this by Tegan, Abby and Rylee.

            “She’s making me,” huffs Spencer, winking at Sydney who gives her a hurt look.

            “You said you would, you came downstairs all filled with energy and crap, you are such a brat, Spencer,” laughs Sydney as they mount the staging area.  The band that had been playing greets them; Spencer looks out onto the floor, pale as a ghost.

            “Just don’t think of anyone naked,” instructs Harley to Spencer. 

            “Great, only one I can think of naked is Rylee,” snorts the girl which only makes Harley laugh.

            Stepping up to the mic, waving for Camilla to cut the dance music. “Greeting to all the lovely people below,” says Harley into the mic, causing cat calls and hoots of delight.  “We’ve got two young ladies here who are going to perform a song, Real Wild One…  nice Spencer, an ode I’m sure,” says Harley.

            Spencer shakes her head, taking the mic and the stand away from Harley, who starts the song, Sydney takes a guitar from Maddy blushing fiercely.  Spencer says, “You owe me, Doyle.”

            “Hell yes,” laughs Sydney.  She’s doing something she’d always dreamed of, she just can’t bring herself to sing in front of people yet, so Spencer gallantly offered to sing, a gesture that Sydney knows Spencer hasn’t done lightly.

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