s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 117

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            “Divide and conquer,” sings Sydney.  “Take one down, pass it around, one less JADES on the wall.  At least Darci didn’t make the party, and that means they can’t heal.”

            Abby, Tegan and Sydney are perched on the tallest building, watching the mother’s.  Natalie, Jayden, Mario, and now Spencer, gather below them. 

            “Eden says they have the stone.  Jo’s always had all the relics.  I want that bracelet of power,” says Abby darkly.  “And how the hell did Jayden get here?”

            “I bet it was that meddling ship thing in the basement of the Legacy, I’m going to cut that little aliens fingers off one by one next time I see him,” growls Sydney.

            “I just want this over with, I want him here and I want humanity to start evolving to their next plane of greatness,” says Tegan.  “And I want to be a god.”

            “I just want her,” says Sydney.  “I almost had her, she tasted so good!”

            “Your obsession with my sister is going to cost us,” says Tegan.  “We need the stone.”

            “We also need HER!  Don’t forget that we need her and Rylee and we need them soon.  He’s coming, and we need to power the transition.  We don’t have them he doesn’t come through and then what?  Who knows if Eden can carry another child and for a year or even get pregnant again?”

            “They are on the move,” announces Abby.


             Rylee keeps pushing the visions, seeing variations but none of them seem to stick for long, they are always changing, altering, shifting.  The one she can see, and it hasn’t changed, is the one of her father.

            He’s going to get hurt.  He might die.  She wants to rush out and find him, protect him, but she knows she can’t.  Spencer will.  She has every faith in Spencer; that she’ll make sure her father is safe and sound, and that he comes back to her.  That they all live and that they will find a way to put their Humpty-Dumpty friends back together again. 

            Abby sits on the floor with Tegan’s arms wrapped around her, shoulder to shoulder, head to head.  Sydney stands behind her, arms crossed, her eyes watching the vision of her mother and Jo.  Trying to avoid the one that plays out what could be Spencer’s fate, the odd shimmering one that glows more brightly than the rest.  She can also see that Jayden shimmers in the same weird silvery way.

            “I’m not pissed at you,” says Rylee, eyes closed, but they all know that she is addressing Sydney.  “It happened and when this is over we can just get over it.”

            “You should be pissed at me.”

            Rylee smiles.  It’s a light and easy smile.  “No, see, I get what it’s like to want her.  But, I have her, she picked me and she’ll always pick me.  You might get her for a while, hell, that might be the best ‘a while’ that you’ll ever have, but she’ll come back to me.  We are connected far deeper than you can ever understand.”

            Sydney snorts lightly.  “Confident much?”

           Rylee turns around, opening her eyes for the first time in what feels like forever, she slips her hands into her pocket.  “Yes.  I don’t doubt us now, she’s my life, I love her.  See Jo and Amy?  They’ll be together again, same goes for Spence and me.”

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