s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 91

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            Darci reads the message on the piece of paper that the ER secretary has given to her only moments before.  It read: Your office D.  Who the hell is D?  She asks the secretary how she’d gotten the message and she replies with a shrug and an, I don’t know.  No, she is too busy filing her nails.  Darci tells the other ER doctor she is heading to her office and that a patient has come in for a follow up. 

            Darci had moved into a diagnostician position weeks earlier, but she kept an ER shift once a week.  It kept her fresh and she liked trauma.  The elevator let her off on the 12th floor and she walks towards her office.  Her usual secretary isn’t there today, since it’s her day off.  The door to her office is ajar.

            She swings the door open to reveal Dathan sitting in the patient chair.  “I took the liberty of letting myself in,” he says. 

            Darci grimaces.  “Dathan, what are you doing?  You don’t get sick so you don’t need my services,” says Darci.  She eases to her desk and is about to sit in her chair then changes her mind; she sits in the chair next to Dathan instead. 

            A ghost of a smile crosses his features.  “I do not need you for myself, alas, I am here for Jo.”

            Dathan fishes into his pocket and draws out a vial.  He extends his hand and gives it to Darci.  “That is the serum that made Jo into a hybrid.  I wish for you to analyze it, I wish to know what it is, what it is made of and why Jo was the only one to ever survive its implementation.”

            Darci stares at the liquid that shifts by its own accord.  Her eyes meet Dathan’s.  “How do you know Jo is the only one to survive it?”

            “Journals of Susan’s that we discovered.  I have yet to fully translate them for Natalie but as I need no sleep I have read them from cover to cover.  I fear some volumes are missing as there are large gaps in time.  Could that cure Jo of her malady?” he asks.  He leans forward, elbows on his knees. 

            “It would make her a hybrid again and Jo asked me to rid her of that, so, I doubt she’ll want to be that again – she always thought of herself as a monster,” muses Darci.

            “As she was.  Yet, a monster who did good.  Much like the Quinn in the alternate reality,” states Dathan.

            “Abby said that.  Tell me?” asks Darci.  She glances at her watch but knows if she is needed that she will get a page. 

            Dathan leans back in the chair and extends his long legs.  “That is a tale much too long to tell now.  We can tell tales over dinner tonight if you wish.  I can cook.”

            Darci raises her eyebrows in surprise. “Are you asking me out on a date, Dathan?”  Not that Darci minds, in fact, he’s rather handsome if she could get past the slight fangs that appear when he smiles broadly.  He has light eyes that never cease to move and his tall frame is gorgeous in the leather and black he chooses to wear. 

            Dathan thinks this over for a moment.  Tapping his exquisitely long fingers on his chin, he says, “Yes if you prefer we can go to a place outside of your home to eat.  As I live on the island I do not think having dinner there will work.  I will provide the food, you provide the silverware.”

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