s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 116

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Bonus Birthday Chapter for Babybug!


            Spencer growls as the island starts to shake, taxing her power to a new limit.  They are deep, deeper than she’d thought and the blast rocks the whole place.  She lets loose, walking forward as the rock and earth move aside and up, she isn’t going to let anything stand in her way.  Nothing will stand between her and Rylee. 

            She was going to find a way to merge them, to make them all whole or – well, she was going to kill someone.

            Tegan covers her eyes and the world turns a chaotic array of blue.  “Spencer, tone it down, damn it, you don’t want to destroy the place.”

            Abby takes Tegan’s hand and they start to run behind Spencer, who is moving at the speed of light, her feet a blur. 

            “Spencer!” yells Tegan.  The world rocks hard and they all struggle to keep their footing on the smooth rock that Spencer is cutting into. 

            But Spencer doesn’t hear her, she’s finding Rylee’s energy signature and she’s going to it.  The dark version of Abby, Tegan and Sydney are not going to get to her.  She’ll have to find a way to contain them, but to do that, she’s got to get out of here and keep the good versions safe.


            Natalie hustles Rylee into a hidden room and she turns, feeling the ground still shaking, and cups her face.  “Listen to me, you stay here.  There are so many curses and spells on this room that it would take a miracle to find you,” says Natalie.  “Tell me what you see?”

            Rylee nods.  She closes her eyes and the room is cast in a deep, but welcoming, red.  Small squares of visions float around her.  Natalie gasps.  All round her play vision of what is happening or what is going to happen, she isn’t sure.  She’d had no idea that Rylee could do this without Spencer powering her.  Spencer blasting a hole, Mario shooting at someone, Emma throwing a punch at Tegan, a second Tegan tackling her.  “Two of them?”

            “Hold on,” says Rylee.  She slows the visions down.  She raises her hand to the left.  “That one.  The others might not happen.”

            Nat watches as Rylee plays out the splitting of Tegan, Sydney and Abby.  “A doppelganger creator?  Oh my god, right here, in my school,” muses Natalie.  “Damn it, this is way bigger than Susan, there are more of them, more darkness than any of us ever knew.”

            More visions pop up. “Smaller once are branches of the bigger ones,” says Rylee.  “Those I’m not sure of.”

            “You’ve been practicing, Rylee,” whispers Natalie.

            “There are a lot of things you don’t know about, Natalie,” says Rylee.  “We will have to explain that later, right now I think you need to get out there.”

            Natalie takes it all in.   Then she sees Jayden.  She reaches out to touch the red vision of her.


            “Sydney captured her,” says Rylee her eyes still closed as she taps into all of them.  Her power at full throttle now, she can feel Spencer pushing a sweet new power into her and it’s all there, and it’s like a blissful day on the beach with perfect surfing waves.  “She’s okay, they can’t split eternals.  They need the stone of Iesous.”

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