s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 58

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Thriller #2 / Adventure #10 / What's Hot #167

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            The pulsing rainbow colored disc on the library floor oozes right to left as Sydney waits for her homing discs to return.  When they do, they ride up her pant leg and into her out stretched hand and melt right into her skin.  “Nothing.”  Tegan walks in and looks at them oddly. 

            “Fuck!” growls Abby, snapping a book closed.  “What the hell are we missing?” asks Abby.  “I don’t get it, we’ve tried twenty, no, thirty different places and nothing?”

            “Better than jumping into all of them and coming up empty,” says Sydney. 

            “Amen to that, sister friend,” says Tegan.  She raises her hand for a high five but Sydney takes a comical step away from her.

            “You are so weird sometimes,” mutters Sydney. 

            “True dat,” smiles Tegan. 

            “Odd ball,” snaps Sydney.

            “Space case,” retorts Tegan.

            Dathan rolls his eyes, unable to understand these children at times.  How they interact with each other oddly.  He rubs his eyes and begins again.




            Rylee runs to their room and throws herself on Spencer’s bed.  She screams into the pillow, and when she takes a sharp inhale of breath, she smells her.  She snaps onto her back, so angry.  She raises her hand to throw the necklace and she stops.  The glint of the sun off the old laser etchings stop her.

            “Soul mate,” says Rylee.  “Eternal life?”  She sits up, taking the ring off the chain, and then slipping the chain over her head.  She flips the ring over and reads the faded inscription.  Soul mate.   In a language that is old.  Yet, it isn’t a language she knows, though some of the symbols are similar.  She wishes she could see the laser like etchings better.  The thought plays there.  Five relics from Dathan’s father.  And a pair of rings.  A pair of rings!

            “Holy shit,” mutters Rylee.  She shoots up off the bed and rushes from the room.



JG Marie

I live my life
In a shroud of anger bubbling and painful
Hidden from humankind in the shadows of the day
My soul locked away from all around me
From love
Shying from the dawn of light
Thriving in the ebony night
Dwelling in the shadows of what was once
My life

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