s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 33

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 It's a little short :)  -- Which I'm sure will make you all pound your fists and scream at the computer :)


            Tegan is on her hands and knees, puking her guts out.  “In a car next time, I don’t get sick,” begs the blonde as she gets a hold of herself.

            Abby helps her up.  “Why do you get sick?”

            “Cross powers?” offers Rylee as her eyes find the mysterious cave island.  “You both control aspects of time and space?”

            They are standing on the beach, looking at the mountain that houses the cave where Spencer is.  “Where is she?” asks Sydney.

            “Power,” says Tegan, “she needs the power.  We need to give her the power to break free.  Bullet…  She said bullet, right?”

            “A cocoon, like what her mother did, of energy to break free, to…,” smiles Sydney.

            “Rocket ride to the stars,” laughs Tegan. “Damn dramatic, but she is a dyke.”

            “HEY!” roars Rylee, pushing Tegan off her feet.  Tegan lands just inches from the pool of vomit and she springs to her feet.   

            “I mean it with all the love in my heart,” smiles Tegan. She scrambles up and hugs Rylee.  “If you want that one legged gimp, that’s fine with me.  It’s fine with all of us, as long as we don’t have to watch when you guys, you know?”

            “Good god, Tegan,” groans Abby.  “How do we do it?”

            “We….,” begins Sydney.  “Just think it?”

            Rylee closes her eyes, willing herself to give as much of her own life force to Spencer that she can spare.  Sydney, Abby and Tegan do the same.   

            The earth starts to move, shifting under their feet.  Tegan reaches out to Abby, and steadies herself.  “Earthquake!”

            “No,” whispers Sydney, “it’s a rocket ride to the stars.”

            The ocean’s churning water begins to change, liquid blue fire envelops envelop it. 

            “Oh,” whispers Rylee.

            “My,” continues Abby.

            “God,” finishes Sydney.

            “Doesn’t even cover the half of it,” quips Tegan.

            A capsule erupts from the side of the mountain, and an electric blue ball comes rushing from it, plunging into the water only a few hundred feet away from the shore.

            “Did you hear that?” asks Tegan, she chuckles.

            “What?” asks Abby not having heard anything.

            “Someone yelling, ‘Whoo hoo’,” laughs Rylee. 


            “Get in the car,” says Darci to Jo. 

            “What?  Am I a prisoner now?” asks Jo.  She crosses her arms, but Darci snatches her left hand and shoves her gently towards the car. 

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