s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 46

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Teenagers.... Friday's post!



            Bev is sitting by the pool in her back yard, reading something about some of the guests that would be attending the fundraiser, getting the lay of the land when her doorbell rings.

            Brow knitted in wonder, Bev gets up, and heads for the door, a towel wrapped around her waist, white bikini top bright against her dark skin.  Opening the door to reveal Spencer Andrews, “Hello, Spencer.”

            “Hey, Bev, is my mom here?” asks the teen awkwardly.  Her hands in her pockets, obviously playing with the change that resides there, not really wanting to be here, but it where her mother is after all.

            “No, she headed to New Mexico I think, you’re still in LA?” asks Bev, ushering the girl into the room. 

            Spencer reluctantly moves into the room, tossing looks around the house, “Yeah… something came up…”

            “Came up or you didn’t want to go back to school?” asks Bev with a smile, wanting to put the girl at ease.

            Spencer’s eyes narrow, flashing, almost changing color, Bev stares at her in wonder.

            “We are hanging at the beach house.  I needed to talk to her, Jay called her cell but we didn’t get anything.”

            “I have her work cell phone number if you need it?” offers Bev, keeping an eye on the girl.  This is the daughter of Jo Wheaton after all, the living, breathing vampire.  Jo had been honest with Bev from the get go that she was different.  Bev didn’t mind Jo being different, in fact, it is one of the reasons she is falling in love with her so easily.  Bev wonders idly if Spencer is as special as her mother is.

            Spencer takes the phone that Bev dials, waiting for the phone at the other end to pick up, concentrating on not frying the electrical gadget. 

            “Hello,” says Jo at the other end of the phone, she is watching the man who’d kidnapped his children.  He’s yet to lead her to where he is living.


            “Spence, what’s wrong?” Jo instantly replies.

            “Nothing…”  Spencer eases away from Bev. 

            “You’re not in school,” says Jo, looks at the ID caller and seeing that she is at Bev’s house of all places.  “You’re still in LA?”

            “Yeah, we had…,” begins Spencer, seeing Bev in the kitchen making tea, listening, “…we stuck around for a few days, with Jay.

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