s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 155

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Frak!  You guys are to quiet, maybe no one is interested anymore, not sure what is up!  But, to whoever reads this, please, enjoy!


            The plastic cup that is home to Abby’s wine is by her hand, dug deep into the sand to hold it in place.  “I like him a lot.  There, I admit it and if push comes to shove I can tell you that I love him, but at the moment I’ve only told him I like him.”

            “I like him too,” says Spencer, “he gets more research done than the two of you put together.”  She waves a hand between Tegan and Abby.

            “You know what, sis, screw you,” laughs Tegan flipping her the bird.  “I have to admit, him finding all that Nephilim stuff was interesting, and the walking baby thing?  It’s a baby that grows right after it’s born and it can walk?  Has that every really happened?”

            “According to some of the journals that Judas has sent, it’s happened.  But it’s really, really rare and has a lot to do with, well, I’m not sure I understand it all.  The language is the hardest thing about it, but I’m leaning it, Dathan has been great about teaching me the runes and stuff too.”

            “Runes?” asks Spencer, not having heard about this before, her brow furrows.  She draws in the sand in the shapes of musical chords.

            “There are these powerful casting things.  I don’t even know if you need magic to make it work,” says Abby.  She scoots over to Spencer, flattens the sand out and draws a circle; inside the circle she makes a diamond with a slash through it.  “That is the rune for protection, like a ward.  It extends about two or three hundred feet.  Nothing of demon blood can cross it.”

            “Demon blood?” asks Tegan.

            “Well,” says Abby, a funny smirk on her face.  “Not all demons are bad.  There are real vampires out there.  Judas told us about them.  Some are called Strigoi, they kill and murder and aren’t really nice.  The others are another breed, different DNA or something, vampires, who don’t kill to live.  They feed but they don’t kill their victims and usually just compel them to forget.  Some even have willing feeders.  Then there are Dhampirs who are half-breeds of the vampires, but they do need blood, only once or twice a month, and, get this the vampires and dhampirs, they are all gay.”

            Spencer and Tegan share a look.  “What?” they say in unison. 

            Abby grins wildly.  “No, really.   There is one living at The Legacy in Maine, her name is Kameron.  And she’s gay.  And her dad, who she killed a while back, was gay too, but only after he was turned.  I so want to meet her, anyway, all vampires are gay, they only get along, sexually, with their own kind.  Male to male and female to female.  They live longer, take just enough blood to live, they aren’t violent.”

            “But those stroganoffs are violent?” asks Tegan.  She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and tries to keep all the information straight, then snickers at the thought. 

            “Strigoi!” says Abby, rolling her eyes and taking another sip of her wine.  “It’s Romanian or something. There are werewolves too, pic-something or another.  But from what we read they have breed themselves out, like the DNA that makes them into shape shifting wolves has died out, no longer a dominant gene.”

            Tegan rubs her face.  “Abby, how are you keeping all of this stuff straight?  I think I’ve had too much wine.  And for some reason some really bad Twilight thoughts buzzed into my brain and I didn’t like it much!”

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