s*t*a*r*s - pt 5

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            “This isn’t going to change anything, mom,” said Rylee suddenly, the airport was filled with moving bodies and she felt relatively safe here.  Rylee needed to get this out, it had been weighing on her mind for a long time now.

Emma stopped short, the plane wasn’t yet boarding, so they had plenty of time.  Rylee was thinking that they’d have just enough time to land in San Francisco and make it to the island before first day orientation is over.

            “Of course it does,” said Emma gleefully.  “It means I can finally paint that damn room, and get rid of that blue…,” laughed Emma, winking at Rylee in reassurance.  In truth, Emma was happy that Rylee was going to school.  Emma knew that Natalie Summers had been running a top-notch school for years.  Yes, it gave Emma pause to know that Rylee was going there, but the truth of the matter was that Emma knew that Rylee didn’t belong in Hawaii right now.  Rylee needed change.

            “Mom, I’m being serious,” sighed Rylee.  She hoisted her computer bag over her shoulder and looked at the ground sheepishly.  Rylee knew that they couldn’t have laptops at the school, but she wanted it for the plane ride there.  Then on weekends they were allowed to go into the city and Rylee was sure she is going to want to write and she’d be able to do that with the laptop.  Scribbling notes in a notebook wasn’t ideal.

            Emma smiled. “You applied to Haven Island because Tegan Larkin did, didn’t you?”  Rylee nodded guiltily.  “Because, when you met her, you…”  A whole array of visions, not brought on by Emma’s natural powers came to her – that Tegan is her mother’s daughter as much as Rylee is her mother’s daughter – that Rylee had a crush on Tegan.

            “Mom, this isn’t going to change what I told you before, what I told you and dad,” steadfastly announced Emma’s barely fifteen-year-old daughter.

            “That you like girls,” begins Emma.  A smile was about to burst onto her lips, but Emma held back that emotion.  It hadn’t bothered her at all that Rylee preferred women to men.  It wasn’t a surprise and Mario had handled it in true Mario Scott style – shrugging it off.

Rylee groaned, looking around at the other people milling around as if ashamed that her mother was about to announce to the world that she was gay.  “Baby, you applied to H.I.A. because you have a crush…”

            “NO!  God, I don’t have a crush on Tegan!” sighed Rylee.  It hadn’t been anything like that, in reality, Rylee thought getting away from her parents, as supportive and great as they were, was the only way she could finally come to terms with herself, and who she was. 

            “I had two best friends once, have I ever told you about Jo and Amy?” asked Emma.  A stunned Rylee shook her head.  Amy was Tegan’s mom and she’d met Aunt Jo a few times but not enough to have true memories of her.  .  “Jo, I knew Jo Wheaton from when I was a newborn.  Best friends, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t have done for her.  I think sometimes I did do anything, well, except for that one thing that might have keeps Jo in the fold when the time came that she left us.  We were about your age, maybe younger, when Amy moved in on the same road as us.  We are all best friends, along with Shelby Pryde and Darci Haim.  The five of us, best friends,” smiled Emma, lost in thought, not having thought this through at all.  “Until Jo and Amy fell in love that is and things got very complicated very quickly after we finished High School.  Finally, Jo just up and left, there are things she just couldn’t deal with.  We were all pregnant at the time, not Jo, but the rest of us were.  Sometimes I think she left because we are all having kids and she couldn’t.  Jo left and just cut ties with us because we couldn’t accept her for who she was.  I will always accept who you are, Ry, no matter who you are.”

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