s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 125

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A proposal you never saw coming – and the battle begins

            “Rylee, tell me more about this plan?” asks Emma after she’s showered, kissed Mario for a long time and hugged Rylee for even longer.

            Rylee sighs.  “Now?”

          Emma nods, taking her hand and Mario’s and leading them into the living room.  “Tell me.”

            Rylee swallows hard.  She hasn’t slept and she can’t stop letting her powers wander out.  They tell her nothing useful, of course, nothing about Spencer’s plan. 

            Mario looks at her and then says, “Rylee, how certain are you that this plan will work?”

            “Spencer and I kept looking for avenues of success.  Each time we did something it wouldn’t pan out, someone died.  Sometimes Amy, sometimes Darci, sometime, sometimes Sean.  I finally saw one that only Jon died we don’t see how or why but he dies,” says Rylee.  She rubs her tired eyes, feeling the grit of sleeplessness there.

            “So what was the plan?” asks Emma.

            “Spencer took the first opportunity to go with the dark s*t*a*r*s* and she, she offers herself to Sydney but only if Syd merges herself.  That’s the plan, if she can get her to do that, then Spencer is going to use the tunnel to get back to Haven Island.”

            “Why Haven?” asks Mario.

            Rylee chuckles.  “The old Oak tree?”

            “What about it?”

            “It’s an elder oak, do you know what that is?” asks Rylee.  Both of her parents shake their heads.  “We didn’t either but it came up in one of my visions.  An elder oak can kill an immortal.  Just like the stake to the heart of a real vampire, it can kill an immortal.  We’re going to use it to kill Eden’s baby.”


            Tegan is jarred away by her mother laughing.  She eases off the couch, where she’d fallen asleep.  “Mom?” says Tegan quizzically.

            Amy marches out of the bedroom, her hair messy, wearing a pair of long shorts and a shirt that is very clingy, pulling on a bathrobe.  Tegan is about to say something when Jo emerges from the bedroom too.  She’s wearing a long sleeved shirt and a pair of sweat pants.  “What the hell is so funny about that?” asks Jo.  Her voice is deep and thick. 

            Tegan eases into the small alcove of the front door; she can just see them in the kitchen.

            “What’s funny about it?   Well, first off I haven’t even kissed you in years….,” begins Amy. “I mean really kissed you.”

            Jo steps up to her, grabs her hips and pulls Amy into a scorching kiss.  Tegan hears her mother moan softly then she pulls away from Jo.  “Hey!” snaps Amy.

            “Hey?  That’s what I get?  I just asked you to marry me.”

            Tegan’s eyes widen.  She tries not to smile but she does, her hand covers her mouth and she giggles softly.  As much as she sometimes hates the fact that her mother and father couldn’t be together forever, she knows how this soul mate thing works now, and Jo and Amy are the first, the original soul mates.

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