s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 127 - Finale

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This is FRIDAY'S posting!  I'm uber busy tomorrow and have my writer's group and we are finishing up my adult novel, The Girls Next Door.  and... now...sometimes, just sometimes you can’t end a story on a cliffhanger, sometimes, just sometimes you have to end it with something so emotional, so raw, so damn filled with something that you can’t put your finger on…… this finale is one of those sorts of chapters…. It’s also short – but very much to the point – it is an ending but with a brighter beginning.



             Amy drops to the wet ground.  Wet with rain, blood, flesh and sweat, her back relaxes and she cups her face in her hands, blocking out the sight of the world.  It could have been much worse.  Her daughter was whole again and her other daughter, well, was as calm as a pond during the chaos.  She got that from Jo, Amy was sure. 


            She looks up to see Spencer crouching in front of her, a worried look on her beautiful face.  Amy is struck by how much she looks like Tegan in that moment. 

            “Are you okay?” asks Spencer.  Amy looks over Spencer’s shoulder; her emerald eyes find Tegan helping her Matt to his feet, hugging him.  Everyone gathering around Jon’s fallen form.  There is no bringing him back, and they had all known that.  Sacrifice.  What they had all sacrificed in the last twenty years, it amassed to this – death.  They were making a plan of where to send his body to.  In pieces.  How morbid was that? But Amy had a feeling that Jon would approve. 

            Spencer waits patiently. 

            “No, no, I don’t think I’ll ever be okay again,” whispers Amy.

            Spencer licks her lips and slides down to her knees, then spins, sitting neatly next to Amy.  Her energy leg disappearing, the jeans deflating as the energy goes back into the universe.  Her shoulder brushes Amy’s.  “Listen, I know that I’ve been a real hard ass about you being my – about Andrew, your alter, being my dad.”

            Amy smiles.  “This is the time you pick to talk about this?  You really are Jo’s kid.”

            Spencer chuckles, she picks bits of earth from her hair and throws it away from them. 

            “One of us could have died today and you wouldn’t have known, so I’m saying it before the next monster comes up and rears its head at us, okay?”

            Amy continues to watch everyone.  She catches Emma looking over at them a few times.  How they had gotten out of this with only one death was beyond her. 

            “I’ll give you that, Spencer, any one of us could have died today.”

            “I’m not against you being in my life.  In fact, I pretty much adore having Tegan in my life.  She’s given me a lot of reasons to be a better me; not so hard on myself and stuff.  She’s a pretty great girl.  When I met her I wasn’t much more than an angry foster kid.  She never let me get down on myself.”

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