s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 138

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Dathan hasn’t stopped eating since they’d arrived at the amusement park, which amuses Abby to no ends.She walks elbow to elbow with him.He’s much taller than she is.Today he is wearing a black tee-shirt and faded blue jeans.He has, of course, his biker boots on since they had come on one of Jo’s motorcycles.Dathan had yet to get around to buying a car.His light colored eyes, which seem to be more blue today than before dart left and right, taking it all in.

“And this is sugar?” asks Dathan.

“It’s cotton candy, Dath, all pure sugar,” laughs Abby.She reaches up and plucks a piece of blue sweetness from Dathan’s fifth serving.

“Get your own,” says Dathan with a laugh.“How are you holding up with all the insanity of the shortened semester?”

Abby shrugs, easing her way into a line, Dathan right behind her.“Okay.I miss Spence, but she calls every night and makes it a point to talk to all of us.”

“At least her manners are in order.”

“Not when it comes to using silverware,” says Abby.“Dathan, if I ask you something, will you get mad?”

Dathan cocks his head.“Have you ever seen me upset?”

Abby purses her lips.“Not really.”

“And in that lies your answer.”

“Wise-ass,” mutters Abby. “Tell me I’m not going to be stuck with a soul mate?”

Dathan’s eyes widen.He finishes his cotton candy and studies Abby.“No.”

“You’re sure?”

“I have always functioned on the assumption that Iesous and Judas were a line of gods, Olympus, if we must,” he says, taking on the role of teacher.The line moves slightly.“Gods typically slept with everyone, but they had one true love.Many times, more than often, it was a mortal.A special mortal.I would venture that those special mortals are like you, powerful.When Iesous and Judas survived or fell from grace, they retained that thread.They then passed it on.”

“So I’m not going to be destined to be with someone?Right?” asks Abby.Her hazel eyes studies the crowd.“I don’t want to be part of that fate thing, Dath.I just want to live my life.”

“Ah this is why you have shown no interest in anyone before?”

Abby nods.“I guess so.”

Dathan timidly touches her shoulder.His eyes, reflecting the color of the sky find her own.“You are in charge of your fate, as is everyone else.Fate fights to right what is right for you, and kicks you in the teeth when you make bad decisions.”

Abby grins broadly.“Liam.”

“Is of powerful blood.His father, Connor, was Kindred,” says Dathan.“I knew.”

“I figured you did.He’s not eternal?”

“No,” says Dathan.“He may, however, have a power.”

“That’s okay, I can deal with that.I just don’t want some guy who is going to live forever, no offense!”

Dathan laughs.“None taken.Come on, it’s our turn, I am excited to ride.”

“I noticed something,” says Abby.“You’re using contractions sometimes.”

“Ah, am I?”asks Dathan and then shrugs.“Your mother never uses a full word unless she needs to.I suppose I learn patterns like everyone else.”

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