s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 51

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            They enter the lower cave and instantly see that there are several passages to several caves.  “Any clues?” asks Jayden.  She adjusts the backpack on her shoulders. 

            Rylee puts a hand to the rock wall, it flickers red, then fades. “I’m getting nothing.”  

            “No,” says Dathan.  He extends his hand and feels the wall as Rylee just had.  “Split up?” he asks Jayden.

            “Tegan, Rylee, me and Dathan.  Sydney, Spencer and Abby,” says Jayden.  

            “No, teleporter should be with us,” says Tegan.  “Spencer can hold off just about anything until Sydney rescues them.  Me and Rylee are the weakest links, we gotta be apart.”

            “Rylee can also see what is going to happen and Sydney can pop in and get us, we have the telepathic link,” says Rylee.  “Let’s go and get this over with.”

            “You do like things over with,” snidely remarks Spencer.  She is running hot and cold and she hates it.

            “Tegan, Rylee, Abby and I,” says Dathan.  “Spencer, Sydney and Jayden.”

            “Fine, works for me,” says Sydney.  “Call out if you get blocked in or something comes up, I can port us out of here pretty quick.”

            “To bad we don’t know exactly where that stone is, right?” asks Tegan.

            Dathan nods and they head to the left of the fork and the others move to the right.  Before Rylee disappears around the bend, Spencer feels the need to call out to her but she can’t.  She touches the ring on her neck.  Just in case, right, Jo?



            Tegan sniffs at the air.  “Is it me or does it smell odd down here?”

            “Like death,” affirms Dathan.  “I have a brother, his name was Ram, Quinn’s twin.”

            “Are you guys all named after the damn alphabet?” asks Abby.

            Dathan cocks an eyebrow.  “Yes we are.”

            “So each set of twins is AB, CD, EF, so an and so forth?” asks Rylee.  She places her hand on the rocks again, and again, nothing comes forth.  What the hell does that mean?

            “Exactly,” says Dathan, smiling.  “My father had his quirks.”

            “Did he hate his brother?” asks Tegan.  “I mean, his name was Judas.”

            Dathan continues to walk.  “It was.  When we return, I have many stories if you wish to hear them, Tegan Larkin.”

            Tegan snorts. 

            A soft shake of the rock under their feet sends them all reaching for the walls.

            “What the hell was that?” demands Tegan.

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