s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 98

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Friday post!  It IS midnight :)  Enjoy! 


            “Things change,” alludes Harley pushing the door open and entering the room.  Alysse’s eyebrows rise and she follows Harley inside.  Alysse knows that being invited to this recording session is huge.  Massive.  The word in Hollywood is that the now tentatively titled Hope’s Corner, the book had previously been called The Girls Next Door, is going to be a huge box office draw.  The fact that it is to be released first in theatres, and then during fall premiere, Showtime is going to air the extended version of the movie, an almost four hour blockbuster of lesbian love, sex, mystery and more twists than most were expecting.  Alysse has a feeling that Harley is soon going to be a very big star.

            “Rylee, I didn’t know you were coming too,” says Harley with a light grin on her lips. 

            “Yeah, we all came actually, but Abs and Tegan are still on the set,” says Rylee tersely, watching Daisy’s every movement.  They had been about to leave and Rylee had kissed Spencer.  The vision she’d been rewarded with was Daisy kissing Spencer.  It was the first real vision she’s had of Spencer in weeks, hell, months and it was of this?  “I thought I’d stick with my girlfriend.”

            “You’re always welcomed,” smiles Harley.

Sydney is tuning her guitar and Daisy is trying to get Spencer to play right handed. 

            “I’m a lefty,” snorts Spencer.  “So I write with my right, but do everything else with my left.”

            “That’s good to know,” smiles Daisy wickedly, her dark green eyes washing over Spencer’s body.

            “I’m gonna hurt her,” mutters Rylee, slapping the button to the mic.  “Harley’s here time to get to work.”

            “Hey!” calls out Daisy, her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail, showing off her new tattoo on the back of her neck.  “Check it, Rosita drew it up for me last night, and I had Kat ink it this morning.”

            Harley squints, seeing a brilliant yellow sun, in the middle an ankh that is colored in with all the colors of the rainbow.  She jabs the mic button.  “Ya grandmother will be so proud.”

            “It’s my body, I’ll ink it if I want,” mumbles Daisy.  Turning to Spencer, “I can see a nice tattoo on you…,” begins Daisy her fingers finding Spencer’s exposed shoulder and drifts down it. 

            “No tattoos,” smiles Spencer pulling away without making it look like she is pulling away.  Spencer looks up, seeing Rylee steaming on the other side of the soundproof glass.  Spencer gives Rylee a reassuring smile, but Rylee doesn’t return it.  Things got tense when Rylee had the vision.  Spencer figures she is now forewarned and will make sure to keep Daisy at arm’s length.    In two weeks, Rylee is going to Hawaii for three weeks to spend time with her father and mother.  She wants Spencer to go with her, but Spencer wants to stay in LA, for both her mother and for something she is passionate about, which is music.  The music leads to time with Daisy which now seems to be a point of contention.

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