s*t*a*r*s - pt 8

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Anyone mind that this is a day early? 

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            Spencer sneaks towards Natalie Summers office.  She stands there for a while, looking at the door, concentrating.  There it is the shimmer of electricity.  There is some odd force field that surrounds the door. 

Damn it.  She can’t get in without tripping the alarm.  She doesn’t have the control to do this.  These are the moments when she misses her mother, because Jo can always ratchet a way into her mind and help her focus her power.

Who is Natalie?  The same Summers that had been on her mother’s list?  Lexie is on that list, as is Eric Storm.  She vaguely remembers their names.  Yet, they are not dead as the others on that list are.  Has Spencer somehow managed to walk herself into a trap?  All Kindred are bad.  Natalie is Kindred, Spencer is sure of it. 

            Spencer doesn’t know, and she needs to know if she is in the den of the enemy.  Can  she take up the mantle her mother had laid forth?  To be some crazy vengeance demon, as her mother had called herself on more than one occasion? 

            “What you doing?” asks Tegan, who is walking towards her.

            Spencer turns and looks at her, and something seems to come from Tegan, a dark green light of some kind.  Spencer forces the odd power down, her eyesight shifting back to normal, at least for her.  Tegan’s aura, much like all of the other girls in her dorm, seems to shift once in a while to vibrant colors, each one of them is a different color.  She’s only seen that a few times with the people her mother has spoken with in the shadows of bars or diners.

            “I fried a computer,” lies Spencer.  “I have to deal with the piper now.”

            “How did you…,” begins Tegan.  “You really are bad with tech, aren’t you?”

            Spencer snorts ruefully.  “You have no idea.”

            “I would have some idea if you talked to the rest of us,” says Tegan with soft reproach.  “Why don’t you ever just talk to us?”

            Spencer looks down at her feet, or more aptly, her foot.  “I don’t have anything to say.”

            Tegan sighs.  Shaking her head as she walks away, leaving Spencer to deal with whatever she needs to deal with.


            “Abby,” says Sydney to the dark skinned girl.

            “What?” asks Abby, snapping out of her haze.  The chalky taste in her mouth annoys her, but the after effects of the drugs are well worth it.

            “Did you take chem notes?” asks the dark blonde girl.

            “No,” says Abby. 

            “That’s okay, I’ll ask Spencer,” says Sydney.  “I saw her scribbling during class.”

            Abby smirks .  Thinking that she is slipping, her grades are slipping and her grip on reality is slipping too.

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