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s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 147

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            The birthday girl is sitting on Bev’s lap, looking through her latest birthday present.  All the other kids have gone home, and all that is left were Bev and Nina’s adult friends, and Jarrod and Jaxon, who keep whispering between themselves.

            “Wii?” asks Angelica.  Spencer snorts, as she clears away the left over plates. 

            “Wee, wee, pee, pee,” mutters Spencer.  “You’ll get addicted, better to read books.”  Spencer then moves to the stereo, putting on some dance music, something mindless, because her mind is cluttered with thoughts.

            Lana laughs softly.  Shaun reaches over, taking her hand gently and kissing Lana’s fingertips.  “Spencer is in a mood.”

            “I am,” admits Spencer.  “Anyone want more cake?” asks Spencer, who is playing the hostess.

            “Me!” call out both Jaxon and Jarrod.  Spencer tilts her head towards the bar, and both boys follow her.  Jarrod playfully pushes Jaxon, who pushes him back. Spencer growls as she grabs Jarrod by his shirt yanking him backwards and giving him a cool look.

            “She’s pretty good with them,” smiles Shaun, “Doesn’t take their crap.” 

            “Jarrod actually listens to her, which is amazing, to say the least,” says Paige.  She and Helen sit side by side, but not holding hands or touching.  Paige is still trying to figure out how to break it to Jarrod that she is dating Helen. 

            “Scared of her,” giggles Angelica.  “She’ll zap ‘em.”

            “No,” laughs Nina taking another card from the table, but Shaun shakes her head, “What?” asks Nina.

            “How about you open that at home, okay?” asks Shaun, in a begging tone.  “Please.”

            “Why?” asks Bev.  Her eyes grow serious, what is in the envelope?  This is Angelica’s birthday and she doesn’t want anything to go wrong.

            “Why?” echoes Angelica. “A, B, C, R, Y!” calls out the young girl, making everyone laugh.

            “Just, you know, because,” stammers Shaun.  Alysse’s face grows grey, thinking that there is something bad in the envelope.   

            “She’s shy,” laughs Lana, kissing Shaun’s cheek, thinking that Shaun is endearing lately.  Her emotions are always blazing on her cheeks.

            Nina tears open the envelope.  The card is a cute Care Bear affair, but inside is what is interesting, Nina’s eyes narrow, reading, “Shaun…”

            “I don’t wanna hear a word about it,” says Shaun, blushing brightly, leaning back in her chair.  “She’s… family… my family, Sam’s family, these twins family, so just take it, and say thank you.   Hell you don’t even gotta say that much.”

            “What did she give her?” asks Bev, reaching across the table.  Her hand touches Nina’s and Nina swallows hard, handing the papers over to Bev.  Bev reads them quickly, as Angelica reaches for them, saying mine, mine, repeatedly.  “Shaun you can’t do this.”

            “What did she give her!” demands Alysse with a hard snort.  Spencer looks up from the bar in the kitchen, rubbing the back of her neck, ushering the boys into the room with the Wii and telling them to play nice, and no fighting.

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