s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 153

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s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 153

 Paradise Dreamed

Welcome to the show
Now that the end is finally here
Still I thank you for coming
To my theater of tears

It's now time to settle in
You're all witnesses you'll see
It's just a lonely invitation
To the last rights of me

I was the sacred prisoner
Of a paradise that I dreamed
The sorrow of a million
Lonely faces live deep in me

Behind the mask of sorrow
The doors of doom behind my eyes
I can feel their footprints
All across my crimson mind

Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely
I'll never know if loves a lie
Being crazy in paradise is easy
Can you see the prisoners in my eyes

Living, breathing, in the limelight
Lost, so very little did I know
That I was dying in the shadows
And the mirror was my soul

You were all I needed, ever wanted
Everything I had ever dreamed
The dream became my nightmare
Alone, no one could hear me scream

With this life I make a noose
To take my life it's time to choose
Will headlines speak of my demise
The loneliness of suicide

Oh sweet silence, your searing ring
I feel no love, I just feel nothing
Love is the impostor the world has seen
Not the blissful savior, it was told to be

Oh please tell me, of love and sunsets
For love, this many splintered thing
Seems a well spring of blackened regrets
Just a lie to dream of, I long to feel the sting.

I was once the unknown warrior
With an anthem in my soul
The one, and only idol of a thousand
Lonely days of rage so long ago

Please always remember me
When it comes your time to choose
Be so careful what you wish for – It may come true


Tons of research. 

There were still two weeks of classes left, so Spencer spends almost every waking moment at the church.  She and Dathan had carefully, painstakingly, removed almost all the pews, and now rows and lines of desks making different stations, were littered across the floor.  Spencer has taken the day ‘off’ to go pick up Rylee from the hospital.

            Jayden Wheaton, her now black hair tied in a tight ponytail, sits at one desk while Natalie Summers, her girlfriend, sits across from her.  Their feet touch intermittently under the desks. 

            Natalie and Jayden are playing hooky today. 

            “Why in Hades did we never think of Nephilim?” asks Natalie.  “I mean, it totally makes sense.  Iesous, a god, had kids; his kids have kids, half-gods half-humans, hello Nephilim.” 

Nat translates old gypsy scripts, which are truly old Kindred scripts.  Old journals.  The gypsies of Iesous line merged with many of Judas’ line, who had formed the Kindred.  Gypsies and Kindred were one in the same, not all gypsies were Kindred, but all Kindred had gypsy blood.  A huge connection that none of them had ever made.  Iesous and Judas’ children, who were not eternal and not soulless had talents.  Many had not known or not developed them, but Judas had known and had simply not said anything, thinking it not important.  The children of his brother were like his own.

            The air around them shifts and chills slightly.  Natalie looks up, meets Jayden’s dark brown eyes.  She grumbles; Nat hates when Jayden shifts her appearance.  She doesn’t like when Jayden hides her true self.  But, she always knows what mood she’s in because her outward appearance reflects it.  She thinks that Jayden isn’t even conscious of it at times.

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