s*t*a*r*s - pt 6

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It's not Friday...........  but since I wrote more s*t*a*r*s today I didn't think anyone would mind if I posted again :)  J


            Weeks pass and they have all gotten into a rather easy routine, the days of peeling potatoes bring them closer together.  Save for Spencer, who is still standoffish, skittish around people, even in class.  She never walks close to anyone and in science class when they do group activity she went off and done it by herself.  It maddens the other girls.

Rylee, Tegan, Abigail, and Sydney have gotten into the habit of having lunch together.  Usually on the lawn, or sometimes they grab sandwiches and eat on their balcony.  All of their classes are together; dorm groups are assign the same classes, keeping them rather close at all times.  The only class they don’t have together is physical education, when Spencer disappears, having to go work in the library. 

            “I don’t get it, why doesn’t she have to do this stuff?” asks Abby one afternoon while they are changing after gym class.  Rylee rolls her eyes, slipping her foot into her shoe.

            “Gotta be a reason,” says Sydney in a lofty voice, her voice sounding angelic in the acoustic room.

            “We should leave it?” says Rylee. 

            Spencer has been staying away from them, badgering her about her absence will only  make her pull away more.  There is something oddly attractive about the standoffish girl.

            “What a reporter you are going to be?  Watergate would never have been found out if you are on the case,” shots back Tegan.

            “Wench,” laughs Rylee, throwing a sock at Tegan.  “If you want to know, why don’t you ask her?”

            “I might,” says Abby.  She sees that the other girls are filing out they are playing soccer today and Abby doesn’t want to play soccer.  Her mouth is dry and she’s already sweating. 

Rylee follows them, keeping her eyes down, trying desperately not to let anyone see her checking out the other girls.  She sighs, wondering if coming here is a mistake.  She vows to go find Spencer after class and maybe she can make some headway with the girl, maybe use the fact that they are both outsiders as a way in.  There has to be a way into that lovely little head of Spencer Andrews.


            Everyone has gone to their next class, but Abby sneaks back to the dorms to get another pill from her dwindling stash.  Her habit seems to be getting out of control, and she knows it.  But the need, the want is there, always tugging at her consciousness.  Her soul simply aches and the drugs make it go away. 

            Abby sat on the toilet, chewing on the painkiller, the sulfur based pill stings her mouth, but she ignores it.  Leaning back, her head arches back, staring up at the ceiling, wishing for it to all go away.

            But it doesn’t.

            Anguish peppers her thoughts and emotions.  It is maddening to be so reliant on something to be able to function but it is Abby’s world.  She should tell her mother about what she is feeling, what she’s done, but Abby can’t.   Taking a pen from her pocket, Abby closes her eyes, when her eyes open the once plastic pen is now made of stone.  Sighing hotly she storms from the room, the pen falling from her fingertips and bouncing on the floor.

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