s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 121

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Birthday Chapter for coob1989!  Soooo, the last chapter/installment didn’t really resonate with everyone, did it?  I guess I’m losing my edge…….


            They are at the FBI headquarters in LA, trying to pretend that things are normal, that nothing is insane when nothing is right.  Jo walks around with a distant look on her face, while Emma never stops touching things in the hopes of getting a telling flash of the future.  Rosita comes into the room and says, “Jo?”

             “Hmmm?” says Jo who looks like she is in another world.  Thoughts of things past and present badger Jo, all the things she could do, or hasn’t done.  What was she waiting for, death?  Amy’s death?  Something else to happen?

             “We found something in Echelon that you might be interested in,” begins Rosita but Jo waves it off, uninterested.  “Emma.”

             Emma turns and takes the disc that Rosita hands her.  “We’re heading to Ohio,” states Emma.  “We have a serial rapist on the loose, it’s progressing, and we’re heading out in an hour. We’re back on task, we’ll pick up the profile on the syndicate when we get back.”

             “Great, so drop the new crime syndicate and pick up profiling a rapist, wonderful,” says Rosita quickly leaving Jo and Emma and heads off to pack a bag, and get to the landing strip. 

             “I can’t go, we can’t go,” says Jo softly her eyes were cloudy, and her whole body shows how crestfallen she is.  “Emma, what happens if something happens to our girls?  I can’t just leave.  Spencer is in Maine.  Or god knows where.”

             “Now you listen to me,” says Emma her eyes bright with anger, grabbing Jo and muscling her into their office.  Jo stumbles into the office, casting a hot look at Emma.  “The future isn’t set in stone, you fucking know that.  Your girl did this for a reason, I’m just as worried as you are.  Anything can change, the whole butterfly flapping it’s wings and causing a hurricane in Florida is true….”

             “Um, that isn’t the saying…,” retorts Jo with a smirk but the look on Emma’s face makes her stop short. 

             “Shut up!” Emma almost yells, but she keeps her voice lower, closing the soundproof glass doors.  “I know what is bothering you.  I see how you’re fighting for it to not happen, but I don’t get why you are.  You love Amy, you always have.  I saw you the other night how you stand next to her.  Okay, you were in love with Bev and that didn’t work out…”

                “And that’s the understatement of the year!” snorts Jo.

                “You love this woman, now you have to be with her, why are you fighting this?”

             “Why?  So I can get hurt?  So I can hurt her?” asks Jo.  “This isn’t the time….”

             “You are such a pain in the ass, Jo, she loves you,” says Emma sitting on the edge of the desk.  Jo slouches in the chair.  Emma kneels and looks up at the woman she’s called friend most of her life, and from the time she could remember.  “You love like no one I’ve ever seen, Jo.  You will do anything, say anything.”

             “Wonderful,” says Jo with a smirk.  “I don’t want to hurt her again, I don’t want to be hurt again.” 

             “She’s forgiven you a million times over,” whispers Emma.    “But that isn’t the point.”

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