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s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 129

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 I'm going to say this again - read - slowly - savor it - you never know how long it wil last.... :)


            Sydney knocks on the door and Rylee opens it.  “Hey,” says Rylee, sweeping her hand into the room to let Sydney in.

            “Sorry I’m late,” says Sydney.  “I had an errand to run.”

            “Come on in,” says Rylee.  She leads Sydney into the living room and they sit on opposite ends of the couch,   facing one another.  “I’m figuring you know what this is about.”

            Sydney nods.  It has been on her mind nonstop since they’d been put into their neutral corners.  “Spencer.”

            “Here is the thing….,” begins Rylee.

            “I’m not going to do anything, Rylee.  I mean, I’m me again, and I was fine before this whole split-me-into-two thing.  No one knew and it was fine.  I won’t even play music with her if you don’t want me too,” says Sydney.

            “That would break her heart,” says Rylee.  She twists the bonding ring on her ring finger of her left hand.  What she’s about to say pains her, but she knows that she can’t keep Spencer from exploring her feelings or they will never last, they will hate one another.  “Spence knew.”

            Sydney’s shoulders drop.  “She told you, huh?”

            “We don’t have one secret between us, so, yeah, she told me, and she told me way before the whole spitting thing,” says Rylee.  She looks down at her feet, her toes almost touching Sydney’s.  “I understand what you’re feeling right now.  I’ve been there.  It’s hard and it’s not what you want to be dealing with right now.”

            “It’s not the same. You and Spencer are soul mates; eternal and talent.  I have a crush that will go away,” says Sydney forcefully.  “It’s just not going away quickly enough is all.  I won’t get between you two and you can’t let me either. Kick my ass if you have too.”

            Rylee gets up, finds a piece of paper by the phone, grabs a pencil too, and then sits back down next to Sydney.  She writes her own name, Rylee and then talent.  She then writes Sydney’s name, and writes talent/eternal.  She then writes Spencer’s name between her own and Sydney’s, tagging her with eternal/talent.  “I’m here, Spence is in the middle, and you are on the right.”  Rylee connects her talent with Spencer’s eternal, then Spencer’s talent to Sydney’s eternal.  “Do you see?”

            Sydney grabs the paper.  Each of them form a different bond of soul mate with Spencer.  Rylee and Spencer as talent/eternal and Sydney and Spencer as eternal/talent.  It isn’t just a crush, it’s so much more than that, it’s a second soul mate bonding.  “Holy crap.”

            Rylee nods.  “Spencer Wheaton might just have two soul mates.”

            Sydney feels her blood grow cold.  The fine hairs on her arms rise up and her head pounds with the force of her heart that feels as if it will explode in her chest.  “No.”

            Rylee grimaces.  “Yeah.”

            Sydney stands up and walks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and stares out at the raging ocean.  “I won’t do this to her,” whispers Sydney.  “This is going to tear her apart and I won’t be the force that does that to her.  She already loves you.”

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