s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 69

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We're BACK!  If you didn't hit up Bloodlines, I think you might have too. When stars-7 rolls around you're gonna be lost... ;)

S*t*a*r*s – 5

Free Fall

JG Marie


Wicked rhythms

Dancing in my mind

Thumping away

Driving me closer

To the inviting edge

Prepare to plummet

Into the endless void

Whipping me around

Tussling my hair

Boggling my mind

Heart on the verge of exploding

Brain ready to blow

Body tossed into a perpetual frenzy

Wicked rhythms

Dancing in my mind

The beat steps up

Ebony abyss

Wraps its cold arms around me

Becoming my eternal dwelling



            Two legs.  That is the first thing that Jo has to get used to.  Spencer having two good functioning legs.  The second is that this Spencer is content with having a relationship with her.  Another oddity.  Jo sits at her desk at the detective agency while Spencer is sleeping on her couch.  There is a week before school starts and Spencer, Abby, Tegan, Rylee and Sydney are going off on a hiking adventure in Maine.  One of Abby’s goals, they had played a game, Spencer has told her, and one of Abby’s lifelong goals was to hike Mount Katadin in Maine.  And so they are going.  No parents, just tents, fishing line, digital cameras and a good time.  They have all pledged that during vacations and long weekends they will all work on their to-do list. 

            Spencer decided to spend her last day before flying to Maine with Jo, but Jo is working so Spencer is snoring on her couch until she, Jo and Bev have dinner later.  Spencer has been able to play off her memory loss with Bev, but for some reason, Bev’s daughter, Angelica saw right through the façade. 

            Jo keeps looking up and staring at Spencer.  She looks remarkably like the same girl from weeks before, the hair is longer, blonder, more Amy like.  Her eyes are now more like Jo’s were as a child, steel blue with flecks of green.  And two legs.  All the while that Spencer had been here before, she’d been energy.  Now, she was whole.  Her whole perception, Spencer’s body had been what had been in her mind.

            On her right hand ring finger rests the Ring of Bonding.  No one had ever known she’d had those, it was a relic she’d found during her time in Susan’s company.  Jon had the other vestiges of her grandfather’s artifacts.  Jo kept that information to herself.  As Jon wasn’t about to allow anyone to have them.  No one knew  that she’d given one to Amy, the one that Rylee now wears, and had worn it herself until she’d mashed it to a pulp six years after Spencer was born.  The ring is whole again, as is Spencer. 

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