s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 84 - s*t*a*r*s 5 Finale

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            They all retired to their rooms, Emma and Jo break down and let Rylee and Spencer spend the night in the same room, the same bed.  “You behave,” threatens Jo.

            “I promise,” says Spencer.  She then holds up a hand.  “Wait, what do you mean behave?  Behave as in don’t do anything or behave as in be good?  I’m always good, at least I try hard at being good”

            Jo bites her lip.  “No sex.  You just lost your leg and things are – I don’t know, just don’t have sex while we are in the same building, I’m not ready for that.”

            Spencer laughs hardily.  “Okay, mom, okay.”  She walks away having put on the C-Leg and Sydney had gone to Hawaii to get.  “I will kiss her though.”

            “UHG!  I don’t want to know!”

            “Exclamation marks.”




            Tegan throws herself on the bed and bounces.  Spencer swats her hard on the ass.  “Watch my leg.”

            “It’s healed,” says Tegan snidely.  “Did you know they got our foot hacker?”

            “Yeah, they sent out the hunters,” says Abby ominously.  “Whoever they are.  This place is creepy yet, I like it.”

            Sydney strums a guitar that she liberated from where the small concert room that was off to the side of the dining room.  “I like it.  I like Maine, why don’t you like Maine, Abs?”

            “I didn’t live in this Maine, I lived up north, where there is no mall, Walmart was an hour from my house, and it was potato fields and pine trees.  So, this Maine I like,” says Abby.  “I miss it, I miss my dad.  He won’t take my calls. He’s mad that I decided to stay in school, to stay with you guys.”

            Tegan hugs Abby but Abby shrugs it off.  “My dad likes you guys,” says Tegan.  “I don’t know why.”

            “Thanks,” says Rylee, hitting her in the face with a pillow. 

            Tegan rips the pillow from Rylee’s grip and pummels her with it.  Spencer scrambles off the huge bed instantly making a leg of energy and hitting the floor with both legs.  “Hey, you two cut it out the moms will think we’re having sex!”

            “I promised my mom I wouldn’t,” says Rylee, wrestling Tegan to her back, straddling her and pinning her arms against the bed.  “Be good, Tegan.”

            Tegan laughs and says, “Let me go, I’ll be good.”  She bucks her hips but Rylee holds fast.  “Okay, I’ll stop.”

            Abby gets up and goes to the huge TV that hangs on the wall over the fireplace.  She looks over and finds a stack of DVD’s.  “We watching something?” asks Abby.

            “Put something in,” says Spencer.  Rylee gives her a heated look.  “They aren’t leaving the room, you know that, right?  We’re all gonna end up sleeping in the same bed.  That wine got to me too.”

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