s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 49

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So and explosive chapter! 



            “So, wait, Syd, your mom she can’t bring people with her?” asks Jayden as they are working out in the dungeon room the next morning.  She and Sydney are typically the first ones in the room in the morning.  Sydney has always worked out as has Jayden.

            “She can, but like a few feet, nothing like what I can do.  I can go from here to Japan, which is a thought,” smiles Sydney.  She punches the bag hard and Jayden winces as it swings back at her.  Sydney’s arms bulge with lithe muscles and Jayden sets her feet for the next set of blows. “I think we are all vamped up versions of our moms.”

            Jayden grimaces as the next series of blows shoves her backwards.  “I’m not a version of either.  They can’t change their appearance.  Dad’s power is so latent that it’s never immerged.  Kate was empathic.  I sort of have that I just get feelings.”

            “So, let’s play this here.  Your mom was Kate.  My mom, Shelby, called Kate aunt, so we share a power base.  So that makes you my?”

            “My 2nd cousin or something like that,” says Jayden trying to draw the family tree in her mind. 

            “And Spencer is your?”

            “Niece,” says Spencer from the door.  “And she’s only two years older than us, almost three years.”  She removes the prosthetic, closes her eyes and the energy leg slowly grows from her stub.  “I wish I could do that all the time.”

            “I am not sparing with you,” says Jayden.  She wags a finger at the leg.  “I can only imagine what it would feel like to get kicked with that.”

            Tegan, who hates the work out sessions, comes rushing in, shoving Spencer off her feet.  “Come on, brat.”  Spencer lands unceremoniously on her ass and growls. 

            “Brat?” says Spencer.  Instead of attacking her, she sends a marble sized bolt of energy at Tegan. 

            “HEY!” yells Tegan, diving out of the way, the blue ball punches into the wall and dissipates. 

            “Hey, put on some gloves and gear!” orders Jayden. 

            Spencer ignores her, diving at Tegan who side steps her.  “Use your powers,” snaps Spencer.

            “I can’t stop you,” says Tegan.  “You have a talent, it doesn’t work on gifted people, remember?”

            “But you can use it to stop the air I breathe from moving, or to stop something I throw at you, you stop time.  You’ve stopped talent before, come on, Larkin, move!”

            Spencer picks up a weight and easily throws it at Tegan.  She screams, covering her head with her hands and when the weight doesn’t hit her, she opens her eyes.  “Oh….”  The weight hangs in mid air, hovering there as if taunting Tegan.   “Why didn’t I ever think of that?”

            “Cuz your blonde?” asks Spencer.

            Tegan grit her teeth, and the weight suddenly shoots out towards Spencer.  She gasps and catches it. 

            “Hey..hey!  That’s like, telekinetic.  Tegan, you have an active power…,” says Sydney.  She teleports in front of Spencer, snatches the weight, and replaces it where it goes.

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