s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 60

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I'm taking a break from my darn paper (no comment) and thought since we're almost at 300 I figured I'd post a chapter - sound out!



            “Jesus in a handcart,” says Abby.  She looks around at the bright blue sky, at the green trees and the clean smelling air is almost intoxicating.  “I think we just walked into a sci-fi show.”

            “Where are we?” asks Tegan.  She turns in a tight circle trying to figure out just where they are.  The place is gorgeous, everything is clean and even the trees seem orderly. 

            “Seattle, Washington,” a voice to their left instructs them.

            “What the hell is that?” asks Rylee.  She points to a raised dais to her left.

            Dathan is on alert, this place is far from what he is used too.  His hand twitches at his side.  “It came from here.”

            A grey box with a lit screen is off to their left.  Tegan goes to it, Rylee right behind her.  They stand in front of the odd dais.  Tegan wipes her hand in front of it and it flares to life.  Rylee takes a jarring step back.  “Where are we, specifically?” asks Tegan.

            “You are in Tower Park, is there somewhere you wish to go?”

            Abby waves a hand to them and Sydney stays next to the grey granite thing that seems to be a tour guide.  She pokes it oddly and it shows a map of the city, which is vast.  Sydney swallows hard.

            “What is that’s like an information center, like in Demolition Man?” Abby asks.

            Both Rylee and Tegan stare blankly at her. 

            “Really?  No clue?” asks Abby.  She walks between them and heads to the information center.  “Look up,” she then looks at Dathan.  “What is Quinn’s name?  Her full name?”

            Dathan’s eyebrows shoot up.  “I have no idea.”

            “Quinn Wheaton,” says Sydney.  “She’s Jo’s mom, goes to figure.  Do you think she’s holding her captive?”

            “We must be prepared to fight for her release, yes,” says Dathan.  He stands on alert, his eyes washing over the terrain. 

            “Quinn Wheaton, working,” says the computer.  It flashes the address on the screen and Sydney closes her eyes.  Her powers seem to rush from her as she tries to access them.  “I can’t get there from here, too many eyes, we’ll have to go the old fashioned way.”

            “Taxi,” says Tegan. 

            “Shall I call a taxi for you?” asks the computer.

            “Real helpful that thing is, huh?” asks Rylee.  She slips her hands into her pockets and removes the hundred some dollars there.  They are good to go, she thinks.

            “Thanks, yes,” says Abby to the computer. 

            “A taxi shall be here in less than ten minutes at entrance B.  Thank you and enjoy your day.”  The screen flashes an arrow to indicate which way to go.

            “Enjoy our day,” whispers Dathan.  “What an odd place.  Time does move differently here.”

            Sydney nods.  “I’m not even sure I can jump here.”  She can still see potential jump points but she doesn’t feel confident in her abilities.  The points of jump seem blurred and odd looking in her mind as if they are moving.  That is something she can’t do yet, teleport onto moving things like a car of plane.

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