s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 43

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How about a little Jo/Spencer time? 


             “Dinner and a movie?” asks Jo into her cell phone. It sounds, so, well, normal.  Normal isn’t her every day event, hell, Jo doesn’t remember when she’s done anything normal.

             “Ok, how about, movie and dinner?” asks Bev with a laugh.  Walking around Rachel’s newest sculpture.  Rachel is a very controversial artist and she is lucky to have her here.  She swallows hard at the sight of a headless torso and a very long iron penis that jutted out before her.  A frown appears on her pretty lips, taking in a sharp breath and looks down at the plate that hold the name of the sculpture.  It reads ‘Head’.  Bev groans.

            “Why do you sound…  annoyed…,” laughs Jo, motioning for Julie to come into the office.  Julie nudges out her chin towards Jo, who rolls her blue eyes at her.  Jo gives her the finger, and Julie, in turn, sticks out her tongue.  Jo covers the mouthpiece of the phone and mutters, “Tease…”

            “I’m…,” a long pause, one which Jo waits for the silence to end, “…looking at a penis.”

            “I’m not sure how to respond to that,” says Jo seriously, taking the paper from Julie and groaning at the sight.  One of her investigators has called out due to a family emergency, she is going to have to cover him tonight.  “I was sure you were a lesbian, but, now…  I’m not so sure…,” says Jo with mock horror.

            A laugh from Bev, “No, I mean on a sculpture, you can get pictures on your cell?” asks Bev.

            Jo grimaces, flipping the phone around, looking at it oddly, “And I’d know this how?”

            “Know what how?” asks Julie, hands on her hips, giving Jo a hard time.  Julie loves bugging her boss, because Jo allows her to do so. 

            “Camera, or.. wait, no can I get pictures on this?” asks Jo to Julie.

            “Yeah, duh!  What are you, technologically impaired?” snorts Julie as she snatches the phone from Jo and spoke into it.  “Y’ellow?  Yeah, take the picture and I’ll get it for lil miss I know nothing about the things I buy Wheaton.”

            Bev smiles.  She stands back and taking two pictures and sending them to Jo.  Waiting for Julie to show them to Jo, hearing the private detective muttering something to Jo.

            “Interesting art you’ve got going there, Potter,” says Jo.  Now understanding the penis reference.  Not that Jo dislikes men, in fact, she’s dated and slept with a few.  But a cast iron cock isn’t up her ally of kinks.

            “What did Julie say?” asks Bev as she hears Julie muttering something, and Jo ordering her out of the office.

            “Umm…  she said, ‘Are you sure she’s a dyke?’  I kicked her out of my office,” laughs Jo.  “So, what movie?” asks Jo, slightly amused that a woman like Bev Potter would even give her the time of day.  In fact, Jo often wonders why any woman give her the time of day, or of night, yet, they do. 

            “Well, there are plenty of movies playing…,” begins Bev, suddenly thinking that Jo Wheaton certainly wouldn’t watch just ANY movie.  She runs the newest movies in her head, thinking that none of them seem like the thing to bring a date too, wishing for a good Julia Roberts movie to be playing, or even that little blonde, Reese Witherspoon. 

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