s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 126

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Does Spencer make the wrong choice?  Or the right one? Either way – This.  Is.  War.


            Sydney drags a weak Matt into the room and drops him onto the ground.  “Make me whole,” she demands.


            Spencer nods to him and he skitters away from her.  Her eyes glow a powerful blue.  “Do it,” she orders him.  The gifting spell has taken full effect and Spencer is having trouble containing all the extra energy.

            He reaches up and with shaking hands, takes Sydney’s hand and it begins to glow a wonderful hue of pinks and oranges. 


            Sydney is curled up on the couch, crying, praying that this doesn’t hurt and she doesn’t do anything to mess up the world.  Spencer has every faith in her but Sydney doesn’t have that faith in herself anymore, it’s with the other Sydney Doyle.  Spencer had been right, being split in two and not having your full self to call on wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. 

            She opens her eyes to see Matt in front of her.  “Oh my god!”

            “Please, please don’t hurt me!” screams Matt, he scurries away from her and towards the door of the room.  “Please!”

            “Calm down,” says Spencer. She crawls to Sydney.  Cupping her face in her hands, “Syd?”

            Sydney turns inwards, trying to see if she feels any different.  Yes.  Her full powers are back, hotter and more alive than ever.  Spencer’s touch electrifies her.  “I’m here.  I’m whole.”

            Spencer smiles, soft dimples appear on her cheeks and Sydney reaches up and touches her cheek.  “Let’s get the hell out of here.  We can grab Matt, haul him back to Haven and merge the other’s there.  We destroy the stone and he can’t come back if he doesn’t have his…”

            “No, no, he has to come back, Spencer,” says Sydney.  She nods.  “He has to come back.”

            “Excuse me?” asks Spencer.  “No, we have something in place already and this will work.  We can destroy the stone the kill the baby.”

            Sydney, still on her knees, stares deeply into Spencer’s blue eyes.  “No, you have to let him come back.  Full throttle because he is already in the body, there is enough of him there, there is a personality,” says Sydney. 

            Spencer swallows hard.  She stands, her power wrapping around her and her leg materializes before she is fully standing.  “You – you want him back, don’t you?”

            Sydney cocks her head to one side.  “Yes.”


            Shadow gets up and ambles over to the small opening of the tunnel.  The dog pushes head first into the opening and disappears.  Leaving behind a few stray tuffs of amber colored fur as the tunnel sends him to Maine.

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