s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 61

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            “A pencil?” asks Amy looking at the yellow #2 in her hand.  “Really?”

            “Just snap it, for gods sake,” says Shelby, her breath labored.  “It will jump you to Haven Island.  It’s an old spell that Nat’s used before.”

            “I used to use it to go see Spencer every night,” says Jo.  “Ready?” She holds the pencil between her fists. 

            “Really?” asks Emma.  “Is that why when I’d call you your cell was out of service area?”

            Jo laughs.  “Yeah, I was in Scotland putting my baby to bed.”  Jo’s easy smile at the memory makes Emma weak in the knees.  All her anger at Jo has faded. 

            Darci rolls her eyes and snaps her pencil before the rest of them, she simply disappears.  In turn, they break the pencils and Shelby takes a deep breath and does the same once again, making her way to Haven Island via the pencil zip line.




            Dathan curses, loudly, and rushes to the fire escape and leaps up and grasping the ladder, his weight pulls it down.  Children!  He is rather content with never having had any.  He moves with blurring speed, making his way to the rooftop to see the only child he’s ever had any interest in.  Spencer.




            They materialize on the rooftop and see Spencer, wearing a pair of shorts and a tight fitting yellow shirt sitting on a chair there.  A gorgeous woman with blonde hair and dark eyes is sitting with her, chattering away.  They take notice of them the moment they arrive.

            “She’s with Susan, err, Quinn,” says Sydney.

            “Remember, not everything is the same here,” says Abby.  “Let’s just keep on guard, she hasn’t hurt Spence.”

            “That is one way to make an entrance,” whispers Quinn.  She stands and Spencer does too, but her movements are curious in nature.

            None of the girls move.  Sydney is the first to shake off the shock of seeing Spencer standing there, with both legs, her hair longer than before and slightly blonder.  She runs to Spencer and wraps her arms around her, excited by the solid feel of her body around against her. “God I have never been so happy to see someone in my life,” whispers Sydney to her. 

            Spencer puts her arms awkwardly around her, she looks at Quinn who shrugs.  She’s never had the privilege of seeing these children before.  “I’m Spencer, you’d be?” asks Spencer.

            Sydney takes a jarring step back.  “No memory,” she mutters.  “Crap!”

            Tegan swallows hard and walks towards her.  “I’m Tegan Larkin, you’re half sister.  The jumping jellybean who hugged you is Sydney Doyle.  The dark skinned beauty is Abigail and the Asian chick is…”

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