s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 87

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I'm obviously not doing my job - 2 comments?  Mmmmmm....  Not good, not good AT all....  Time for some killing..... or something because it seems I've lost your interest.... Mmmmmm

s*t*a*r*s /J*A*D*E*S


Breath In



Hands are shaking hard now

You’ve fallen and can’t stand the pain

Just clear your mind

Let it flow

Can you see it all now

Time to fly

Breathe In

Breathe out


Take your time

How can you let it all go

Everything you’ve ever meant to me

All the heartache

The compromise

Take it slow

Breathe In

Breathe out

All I want is just one taste

Never to be erased

One memory to take with me

I’m taking over

This is my last stand

Tired of sleeping

Time to wake up

Time to strike

Breathe in

Breathe out


Just take a breath

Come back to me

How can you let it all go

The things we’ve meant to each other

This is your last chance

Take a glance

At what you’ll leave behind

Take it slow






I only know

The time has come

To do things left undone

I let it go

The pain

The pleasure

The time of hidden passions

Time to take

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