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s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 26

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Today is November 5 - 29 years ago I had chicken pox, the only reason this is significant is because my brother was born - I didn't get to see him for almost two weeks and I really, really, really wanted to see him.  So, even though he doesn't read this (he has read the 1st jades when he was a wee lil ladd) this chapter is for him.

*s*t*a*r*s 3

Hero - 12.8.08

I live my life

On a chemical high

I’m on a mission to try

Every drug in the book

I went insane

For eternity and a day

My last option is gone

You smile as you break my downfall

I can’t erase what I’ve done

But you stand and shrug

You must be out of your mind

Why not leave me behind

Who do you think you are?

Super hero or someone divine?

I’m a hot mess

Not worth the fuss

Or the muss

There is no way that you’re running away

I live it up

You live it down

While I’m falling from grace

You take it all charmingly

I’m always making it worse

You pick up the pieces and smile

Who do you think you are?

Super hero or someone divine?

Always there with a smile and a broom

Picking up the pieces of my shredded room

I should be in a padded cell

Instead of out and about

Isolated and locked up

Roaming the streets at 4am

You swoop in

Take be back

To my safe place

Who do you think you are?

Super hero or someone divine?

            The second semester of their first year blazes by for the girls of s*t*a*r*s, during the week they are busy with classes, homework and making friends outside of their group. 

            Abby has joined the drama club, which means that everyone has to attend the play at the end of the year. Tegan had wanted to join but then changed her mind when Abby, who is typically not the one to shine had wanted to join.  Sydney and Spencer are playing music wherever they can, the quad, their room, the common areas.  Tegan and Rylee are both on the small school newspaper, which also does the webpage about the school. 

            Their weekends, which are usually when other students have free time, are spent in the dungeons of the castle, an area that is restricted to everyone but staff and the young girls of s*t*a*r*s.  A labyrinth of passages that weave and dodge through the under

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