s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 92

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A little bit of fun, and a turn of events :)



            Darci stretches and pushes open her front door.  It’s open.  She hears soft jazz playing and the condo is brilliantly lit.  “I didn’t know I had this many lights,” mutters Darci.  She is tired but she’d been anxious to leave shift for the first time in a long time.

            “I enjoy light,” says Dathan having heard her.  Darci takes a mental note not to mutter, and that Dathan has supersonic hearing.  “An old habit.  Soulless do not like the light.”

            He walks to her and hands her a glass of wine.  “Do not laugh, though you might, but that vintage is Vampire Wine.”

            Darci grins brightly.  “Seriously?”

            “Of course,” says Dathan.  “I took the liberty of asking Abigail what your favorite foods are.  I did not believe her insistence that you were a fan of cheese burgers.”

            “Actually,” teases Darci, kicking off her shoes, taking a sip of the wine, finding it very good, “I love a good burger.”

            Dathan’s eyebrows arch.  He watches her expression and finally Darci smiles.  “Ah you are teasing me,” he says. 

            “No, I do like a burger.  But I like just about any food,” says Darci.  “I was heavy when I was a teenager, but I leaned out around seventeen or so.”

            “I have made duck, with an orange sauce I think you will find deserving,” he says.  “Salad and a light soup.  I have much to tell you, today you asked me of Quinn.  First, go change into something that is more comfortable.”

            “Susan’s alter,” says Darci wanting to just start talking now, but she thought that getting out of her work clothes was best.  “I’ll be right back, hold onto that thought, handsome.”

            Dathan smiles and inclines his head.  Darci goes to her bedroom, strips, puts on a pair of jeans and a loose tee shirt.  She looks at herself in the mirror and wonders what the heck Dathan is really doing here?  Does he simply need someone to bounce thoughts off? 

            She comes back to the kitchen and finds Dathan setting out the salad.  “Fresh vinaigrette.”

            “Were you a chef or something?” asks Darci.  She takes another long sip of the wine and smiles as she sits in the chair. 

            “Yes, in fact, I was.  In England for…”

            Darci raises a hand.  “No, don’t tell me.  I want it to be a mystery.  Sit, talk to me about Quinn.”

            Dathan sits. He doesn’t pour dressing on the salad, instead he uses a small dish to the side and dips pieces of vegetables into it.  “I do not know if I can rightfully call her Susan’s alter.  This Quinn, in the alter reality, is nothing like my sister who did not deserve the name that my father gave her.  She was – loyal and strong.” He pauses to fill Darci’s already empty glass of wine.  “Her reality is advanced in years.  Time moves differently there.  A plague came, as it has many times before.”

            “How many did it kill?” asks Darci.  For a moment she remembers when Susan had forced their dark sides to emerge and how she’d boiled the flesh off men with a touch.  Her skin crawls at the memory.

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