s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 152 - s8 Finale

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s*t*a*r*s-9 will hit the 'net in December!  Stay tuned (if you read and want updates and aren't a fan, nows the time to fan) I'll be doing sneak peeks of stars-9 and Off The Grid between now and December! 


The man in the blue windbreaker comes barreling into the café, and grabs the closest person he can.  Nina.  He wraps his forearm around her neck. 

No one moves at first, then they scurry to cover, he has a gun and it’s pressed to Nina’s temple.  The only one who doesn’t move is Spencer.  She stays calm, absorbing the extra energy that suddenly fills the room. 

“Okay, calm down,” says Spencer.  She tosses a look to Rylee who shakes her head. Not having seen this coming at all.  Sound off! Says Spencer.  If you think of how to get out of this without someone getting shot, I wanna hear it! 

“Oh, well my fortunes have turned!” he yells.  “Have I come into fortune?”

“Tirzah,” says Sydney, pushing Jaxon behind her.  She recognizes the formal speak.  She thinks to the rest of the girls, Should I just port everyone out?

Can’t do it! Thinks Tegan.  How do we explain it?  We are in public and with people who have no idea what the hell we are!

The women are all screaming, making for a chaotic background.  We can’t do anything too spectacular, we are in public, the whole front end of the café is open to the street.  Tegan, be on alert as to when to stop time or that damn bullet, says Spencer through the link.

I can’t stop a bullet! I’ve never stopped something I can’t see, Spence! screams Tegan through their mind link.

Spencer doesn’t move.  Everyone is under cover, but that doesn’t stop a bullet. “Tirzah, I’m the one you wanted in all this, aren’t I?” says Spencer calmly.  “Take me and leave them all alone”

“NO!” yells Rylee and Sydney in unison. 

“Please let her go,” says Bev in a begging voice.

Tirzah squeezes Nina’s neck.  “Of this pretty one?  No and Spencer Wheaton, we don’t need you anymore, we know there are others.  We know.  And we will create the world we want, no humans this time, oh no, a world of gods!”

We?  Says Abby through their link.  Oh my god, Spencer he knows about the nephilim connection, he knows.  He knows that they can have kids – what are we going to do?

Spencer just nods. 

 Pez rolls over the hood of a car and runs full throttle into Atmosphere; she skids to a stop, seeing the perp holding Nina at gunpoint. Alexandria Pezzini has been in some tough spots in her life, but this was, by far, the toughest.  Spencer is standing in the middle of the room, her hands out to her side, obviously trying to talk him down.  Everyone else seems to be undercover.  She sweeps the room with her eyes.

"Are my days ever going to get easy?" Pez mutters and she hears Jo in her headset. Jo’s voice takes on a very professional taint to it, her accent completely obliterated, and her demeanor commanding in every way as she speaks. Alex can see why she is one of the youngest profilers in the business.

"He's in Atmosphere, this is FBI Agent Jo Wheaton, we have a hostage situation at Atmosphere in West Hollywood, I repeat, and we have a hostage situation at Atmosphere. Officer Pezzini is inside right now, we need to secure the perimeter."


Alex trains her gun on the man, and he shakes as he pulls Nina along with him, Atmosphere is in a total uproar, she hears Jo in her ear talking some more but she tunes her out.

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