s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 110

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What is this day 4 @1?  Wow, that's all I have to say is WOW and thank you! Short chapter but filled with some clues as to WHAT is going on.  Has anyone figured it out yet?  Mmmmmmmmm? 


             Jayden emerges from the elevator of The Legacy Hotel and bumps right into Logan.  She grabs his shoulders and steadies him.  “Hello, handsome man.”

             He smiles.  “Hello yourself.”  He casts a look at the door he just came out from and then back to Jayden. 

             “How’s the pregnant lady?” asks Jayden seeing the look of worry on his face.

             “Very pregnant.  And hoping the next month goes by quickly, I can’t wait,” whispers Logan.  “I’m just afraid.”

             “I don’t think you have anything to worry about.  Leah says things are progressing nicely.  Mind if I take a peek in on her?” asks Jayden.

             “Sure, I’m heading out to town to get some things.  I need a new jump drive, mine died,” grumbles Logan.  “Had I know you were popping in, I’d have had you bring me one?”

             “You still can’t see me in your dreams, can you?” asks Jayden.  She finds this interesting.  She finds it odd that he can see Eden but can’t see her; there is a connection between Eden and Logan that Jayden wishes she understood. 

             “No.  I can’t see anyone that has that eternal thread other than Eden.  I guess that means I’m supposed to be here with her, doesn’t it?” asks Logan.  “Since I saw this.”  He waves his hands to indicate everything around them.

             Jayden smiles a sweet lopsided smile.  “I guess so.  I’m going to go see her, you head to town to get your jump drive,” says Jayden. 

             Logan kisses her cheek in passing and says, “Don’t wear her out!”

             Jayden chuckles.  She waits for the elevator to spirit him away and enters the room without knocking.  She stops to listen.  She pinpoints just where Eden is in the large penthouse. 

             “Eden,” whispers Jayden. 

             She hears shuffling and a very pregnant Eden comes into view.  “Jay,” she says a smile plays on her lips.  “Where have you been?”

             “Missed me?” teases Jayden.  Eden nods and walks right into Jayden’s arms.  Eden kisses her lightly, the heat of her lips astonish Jayden.

             “I did.  Logan is wonderful company but – there are things he doesn’t understand,” says Eden.  “Come.”

             Jayden lets Eden lead her to the living room section of the penthouse.  She gets comfortable on the couch and Eden curls herself against Jayden. 

             “He’s talking now,” says Eden.  Her voice filled with terror.  “I don’t know if I can do this.”

             Jayden smoothes Eden’s hair down, then her fingers trail down her jaw line and then to her neck, she says gently, “Eden if it’s Iesous…”

             “I know.”

             “We can’t let him survive,” says Jayden.  She thinks back to DJ, her brother, the child of hate and rage.  She remembers how that knife had slipped between his ribs, the point cutting into his still beating heart.  She pulls herself away from that memory.  Hot, almost painful shivers run through her.

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