s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 25

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It's FRIDAY!!!  A very short conclusion -- Who is ready for stars-3?


            Forty-eight hours later, the sun is going down and Rylee, Sydney, Tegan, Abby and Spencer are enjoying a fire on the beach.

            In the house, Mike, Amy, Emma, Mario and Darci are playing poker and drinking.  They have agreed that it is time to give the girls some time alone, for the last two days the parents have been hovering over their every move.

            Sydney’s guitar is propped up next to her, Tegan is drumming an unheard beat on Sydney’s leg.  Abby is roasting marshmallows while Rylee and Spencer are sitting next to each other, almost touching.

            “You can touch her, you know?” says Tegan in a scoffing tone.

            Rylee rolls her eyes.

            “No, really it wouldn’t bother us,” says Sydney.

            Spencer meets Rylee’s nervous gaze, opening her hand, palm up so that Rylee can take her hand.  As Rylee moves her hand to hover over Spencer’s, the arc of electric blue light connects them.

            “Son…,” says Tegan.

            “…of a potato picker,” says Abby.

            They all laugh.  “We can’t touch that way,” says Spencer.

            “But we’ve seen you touching,” says Tegan.  “You helped Rylee up when we were at graduation day.”

            “It isn’t – intimate,” says Rylee.  “If it is, we get this.”

            Sydney sits up.  “Not like I can be intimate either, I’ll give whoever HIV.”

            “You can use a rubber, Syd,” says Tegan gruffly.

            “Think we could use a psychic rubber?” asks Rylee laughing at the situation.

            “For some reason, that doesn’t appeal to me,” says Spencer.

            They are silent for a while, until Sydney takes her guitar and begins to strum a fast melodic tune.  She doesn’t sing, simply playing.

            As she plays, Spencer moves her head, music always amps up her power for some reason.  Extending her right hand towards the ocean, Spencer lets the extra energy bleed off into the water harmlessly.

            “Wow, Spencer, why are you all charged up?” asks Tegan sitting up from her spot. 

            “Music does it,” says Spencer.  “It always has.”

            Sydney stops playing.  “You can sing, can’t you?”

            Spencer shrugs.  “I never tried, scared the crap out of me because if I heard some really good song, my power would go haywire.  Hell, I’m getting used to being able to use a cell phone.  I’m not sure how this c-leg will work, it’s a computer.”

            “You know, I like metal better than that whole acoustic thing,” says Sydney.  “I bet – I bet you could sing it, I bet you could sing anything.”

            “Why do you say that?” asks Abby.

            “Singing is energy, it makes people feel, a talented singer can make you cry one minute and make you want to jump off a building the next,” smiles Sydney.

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