s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 89

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            Alysse sits at the bar; waiting for Natalie to arrive, when a soft hand fell on her shoulder, “Been waiting long?”

            “I have,” retorts Alysse, spinning around and Natalie touches the bruise under Alysse’s eye.  Alysse had been part of a protest earlier that afternoon and had received an elbow to the cheek for her efforts.  “It hurts.”  It is true; the bruise did hurt, but not as much as Natalie being a few hours late for their date.

            “I’m very sure it does, I can’t stay long…,” says Natalie, sadly.  She’d been half way here when Dathan had called her back to the island.  Whatever they had found was something that had prompted him to summon her immediately.

            “Why?” growls Alysse, playfully.

            “I am running a school, you know?” smiles Natalie.  “I have to get back to the island.  I have something that’s come up and I’m needed.” 

Alysse seems very taken back, having forgotten that Natalie is a teacher and Head Mistress of the school.  

“You can come with me, if you want.”  Natalie smirks at her own impromptu invitation.  It is unlike her to mix business with pleasure, and Alysse is a pleasure.  A pure pleasure as a matter a fact, but Natalie isn’t taking this out of the box friendship lightly; in fact, she’s been putting a lot of thought into just what is going on between her and Alysse.   What it means for her and Jayden, what it means period.  This is what Spencer keeps alluding to, she is sure.  What does Spencer know that she doesn’t?

            “Really?  You’re not putting me on?” asks Alysse, already rising from the stool. 

            “No,” says Natalie, not regretting the invitation, the light in Alysse’s eyes is too inviting to pass up.  “We’ll drive to the Baxter Building.”

            “Why?” asks Alysse, as Natalie slips an arm around her waist, guiding her out the door, her car is waiting, the driver sitting at the wheel, waiting for Natalie to return.

            “That’s where the helicopter is,” says Natalie.  Alysse’s eyes grow wide. “I couldn’t call you, Spencer fried my cell and I didn’t have your number written down, the helicopter is the fastest way here.”

            Slightly impressed that Natalie had flown to LA to tell her that she couldn’t stay for their date.  Alysse is dumbfounded and speechless, wondering idly how Spencer had fried a cell phone.  Events like that didn’t happen every day, and Natalie takes notice, but says nothing about Alysse seemingly being at a loss for words. 

            They arrive at the Baxter Building and Natalie moves to the private elevator, “Do you own this building or something?” asks Alysse, with a smirk.

            “No,” laughs Natalie.  “A student’s father does, and we are allowed to use the heli-pad on the roof.  I don’t fly the helicopter either; I have a pilot on standby for that.”

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