s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 82

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Good Morning Faithful Readers :) -- Do enjoy this installment - stars-6 is being proofed by my friend, MJ and it tops out at about 175 pages - Which is great!  stars-7 is well on its way to being about the lenght (its at 76 now) - read, comment, vote!  But, most of all - enjoy!



            She hurts.  She remembers the pain from the first time she lost her leg, but this time, this time is worse because it’s physical.  She feels her body shudder and she can’t control it.  The new blood is healing her, making her feel better but it doesn’t take away the fresh pain of loss.  At least Lee is okay, she thinks as the dreams leave her and reality begins to creep into her mind.

            A gentle hand pushes back her thick hair from her face.  Whispering in French about how it’s going to be fine.  She’s healing, that she’s going to be fine and it could have been worse.

            “I could have lost a finger,” mumbles Spencer.  She squeezes her eye closed for just a few minutes more.

            “What?” asks Jo. 

            Spencer swallows, an odd dry clicking sound makes her ears pop.  “I could have lost a finger,” she says more loudly.  “Fingers and tongue are the primary way a lesb…”

            “Shut up, Spencer!” snaps Rylee.  She is on the other side of her bed.  Spencer smiles.  

            She hears both Jo and Rylee laugh, Jo’s laugh is full and rich, while Rylee’s is nervous and embarrassed. 

            “I’m thirsty,” says Spencer.  She adjusts her body in the bed, one soft and comfortable bed, but she doesn’t open her eyes, not yet.  She doesn’t want the full reality of her world to set in, not just yet.  “And pain meds would be good too, come on, I feel jipped, give me some drugs already.”

            “Darci will be here in a few and she’ll take care of the pain,” says Jo.  “Spencer, that thing out there, do you have any idea what or who it was?”

            “It wasn’t Ram, or anything like that,” says Spencer her eyes opening.  The explosion of colors around her makes her snap them closed again, blocking out the visual assault.  “Mom, it wasn’t him.”

            “Ram was or is Susan’s brother, right?” asks Rylee.  She reaches out and touches Spencer’s arm.  

            Spencer nods.  “Mom’s always thought that Susan got some of his parts back and put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  That guy out there was whole and Ram wouldn’t be – well, he didn’t feel right, know what I mean?”

            Jo nods. 

            “Where are we?” asks Spencer.  She creeps her eyes open again and the colors are better now, she can process them.  “My powers work again and the energy is way off.”

            “We are still in Maine at a place called The Legacy Hotel.  The forest was cursed and the water there negated your powers, but you’re DNA kicked in and,” says Jo.

            “I went all vampy, did I hurt you when I bit you?” asks Spencer, looking at Rylee. 

            Rylee lifts her chin, showing off the bruising and the two ragged holes at her throat.  Spencer reaches out and snatches Rylee’s hand. “I’m sorry.”

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