s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 124

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Wait!  It's Monday!  Why is there a post here?  It's summer vacation, of course - I'm going to try, (emphesis on TRY!) to post on Monday and Friday (The finale is coming soon, very, very, very soon)

Jo Wheaton like you’ve never, ever, ever seen her before – oh and a few more insights to - JMG


Sean, Jon, Laura, and Jayden are sitting around the TV set, watching intently.  Jayden’s foot thumps up and down impatiently.

“I should have gone with them, I should have had Syd ‘port me there too,” mutters Jayden softly. 

 “I don’t want to lose both of my girls,” says Sean.

 “Dad,” says Jayden, leaning into her father’s shoulder, “I’m going to live a long, long, long time.  You’re not going to lose me.”

 “Doesn’t mean you can’t be hurt,” says Jon gruffly.  “So hurt that it takes hours for you to heal.  S’what they are doing to Spencer, isn’t it?  You see the bruises on the Scott’s?”

 Jayden sighs.  “I think so.  I can’t believe that she did that.  Spencer just going after them, even after everything I told them that was happening at The Legacy.”

 “It’s why she went,” says Sean.  “This loyal streak doesn’t just come from being eternal, the Wheaton clan is pretty loyal and tough.”

 Laura gasps as the train rocks on the tracks, and all conversation ceases.


Shelby, Mike, Sydney, and Natalie rush up the stairs to Jo’s office.  “She has living quarters behind the mirror,” says Natalie.  “I’m sure she has a computer or TV up here.”

 Sydney shoves through the door and then gasps.  “HOLY SHIT!”  She stops, closing her eyes and praying she doesn’t vomit all over the floor, if there is a floor!

 Mike lets out a chuckle and walks by his daughter.  “Jo and her weirdness.”

 Sydney hangs back and Natalie slips next to her.  “You okay, Sydney?”

 “I’m not scared of heights why is this place freaking me out?”

 “Because you can’t teleport here?” offers Shelby.  “It is like walking on air, though, isn’t it?”

 “Found a TV, come on,” says Mike.  “And it doesn’t look good.”


Abby sits curled on the couch, watching the huge TV that her mother has installed in her living room.  “God, I feel like I’m there, that TV is huge.  It covers the whole wall.”

 Darci rolls her eyes.  Dathan sits on the edge of his seat, his fingers folded neatly under his chin.  “I never understood the want for bigger televisions, but now I see the thinking behind it.  This high definition technology is well worth the money.”

 “You bought this?” asks Abby pointing to the TV.

 Dathan nods.

 Abby smiles widely and then catches her mother’s gaze.  “Dad wouldn’t ever have splurged for a TV like that.”

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