s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 148

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The dishes come crashing down to the ground

Shattering shards like our lives were once broken


Tossed to the ground where we cannot see

All the lights in the city winking out


Our drive upward halted prematurely

Leaving us hanging in precarious wait


Two strangers thrown into partnership

Caught between a rock and a hard place


Walls come tumbling down, crashing to the ground

Secret revealed without the world knowing it


The earth moves, buildings shall fall

Unlikely hero’s come to the call


Toss & turn

The puzzle shatters on the ground

Confusion abound

The pieces a certain jumble

Some never to fit together again

            “She’s fine, she’s alive and fine,” smiles Alysse, as they eat the take out that Lana’d had delivered from Atmosphere.  Shaun is eating with her fingers, which makes Jaxon laugh.  He is mimicking her, while chewing on a raspberry filled pastry that squirts red goo all over his chin.

            “Where is she?” asks Lana through a mouthful of food.  They are talking about Rosita, who’d called Alysse earlier. “…and is she coming back soon?”

            “She doesn’t know, but she says that banking is boring,” laughs Alysse, knowing in the back of her mind that Rosita isn’t playing banking lawyer at all.  Her job is something much more dangerous, but Alysse has to respect who she is.  It had taken Rosita’s leaving, for Alysse to realize how much she cared for her, and how much Alysse respected the woman.

            “I heard that Harley got a new acting job,” states Helen.  “Yet, she’s told me nothing about it.  I had to learn of it in the trades.”

            “Hiding it she is,” nods Nina severely. 

            “That is sooo yoda,” laughs Bev, then Nina gives her a cool look.  “It is, come on; admit that you sounded like that little green puppet.”

            “Yoda is a puppet?” asks Jaxon, his eyebrows knitting together.

            “No, he isn’t,” states Jarrod, rolling his eyes.

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