s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 150

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            “Your dad called,” says Mario as Emma throws her keys onto the counter.

            “What did my father want?” asks Emma, placing a wet kiss on Mario’s cheek, her hands running down his chest. 

            “He is moving to California.”

            Emma blinks.  “Did you say he is leaving New York?  Did you say he’s coming back to California?  What is wrong?  Is he sick?”

            “Calm down!” says Mario, rubbing his hands over Emma’s arms.  “He said that Spencer offered him a place to stay and he said he can do what he does from anywhere in the world.  I think it’s great!”

            “You are talking in exclamation marks,” says Emma. 

            “Our daughter gets it from somewhere,” smiles Mario.  He turns and then wraps his arms around Emma.  “You okay with this?”

            “I am,” says Emma in a sweet tone.  “I just didn’t think he’d come back.  California always reminds him of Mom, and that only makes him sad.”

            “I think he misses you, I think he misses Rylee, I think he might even miss me.”

            “I miss you,” says Emma, kissing his lips lightly.  “What did my handsome husband make for supper?”

            “Oh, I was making supper?” asks Mario teasingly.

            Emma grins wildly.  “How about take out?  A movie?  Some down time?”

            Mario gets up, reaches on top of the fridge and finds the pile of menus and throws them onto the counter.  “Let’s find some food, sexy woman.”

            “Or,” says Emma, slowly unbuttoning her blouse as she starts to walk backwards towards the kitchen entryway, “we can have dessert first, and then order in?”

            Mario regards the menus, then his wife letting her jacket fall to the kitchen floor in a pool of dark fabric.  He comes around the counter, captures Emma in a heated embrace, picks her up and heads off into the bedroom, never breaking their kiss.



            Abby lugs the rest of the scrolls, books and other CD’s that contain PDF’s into the study room.  She has access to a computer from Lexie, who runs the library.

            “Wow,” says Liam. 

            Abby turns to see his eyes wide with envy.  Oh he’s super cute standing there in awe like that, she thinks. 

            “I’m looking for – um,” says Abby her hazel eyes sweeping over the material.  “Well, I found a reference to half-angels or half-gods and half-humans.”

            “Nephilim,” says Liam and he blushes.  “I’ve read the Bible a lot, Abby, and that’s what a half-angel half-human is, a nephilim.  In Greek mythology a half-god half-human is a hero, like Hercules.”

            Abby blinks.  “Well then,” she says with a grin.  “Where do I start looking for more references to half-whatevers?”

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