s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 93

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            “I so hate being late,” grumbles Nina as she and Amy jog through the crowd.  Amy doesn’t care, late, early, it is all the same to her.

            “Did you lump me into your group too?” asks Amy as she sees Emma in the crowd, waving and Emma waves back, a thoughtful look on her face as she sees who Amy is with, thinking Amy is up to something, she always is.

            “Umm…, yeah?” says Nina sheepishly.  “I shouldn’t have?”

            “No, that’s fine,” grins Amy thinking that Jo is going to be so surprised.  Jo knows that she and Nina are seeing one another but maybe, just maybe, seeing Amy with someone else might stir up old feelings.  Will she explode in a jealous rage?  Amy is certainly hopeful to get a glimmer of hope that Jo still cares.  Being with Nina is fun and easy, and there are no commitments, and there is no love, which is great for Amy at the moment. 

            “Bev!” calls out Nina as she sees Bev towering over most of their group of friends. 

            As she calls out, Jo turns, seeing Amy and tugging the sunglasses off her face, “What the…?” begins Jo but the edge of her mind, she hears Bev rattling off a string of reasons why she hasn’t told Jo about Amy and Nina seemingly becoming a couple.  “You didn’t tell me, why didn’t you tell me?  You… you are so going to get punished tonight,” whispers Jo to Bev.  “You need to tell me these things,” muttered Jo trying to compose herself.  Now they were dating?  It wasn’t just seeing Nina for lunch or an afternoon in bed, they were here, in public, together.  A jealous tug that Jo didn’t think existed any longer yanks on her. 

            “I might enjoy that,” says Bev in an equally sexy whisper.

            “Jo, Bev, are the girls here?” asks Amy in a normal, everyday conversation. 

            “Our girls?”  She is about to say something snarky but Jo thinks about it.  “They are here, why?” asks Jo feeling her temper flaring only Bev’s hand on the back of Jo’s neck seems to keep her calm.  Closing her eyes to the sweet touch, swallowing and trying to smile at Amy instead it is more of a smirk.

            “I was asking, Jo, calm down,” says Amy brightly, her emerald green eyes flashing with mischief.  Nina gives her a look.

            Jo forces a smile, mentally swearing in French and Bev giggles, “Sorry.”  Amy pales, realizing that Jo can speak to Bev the same way that Jo can contact any one of them with her mind, feeling a shot of jealousy rise inside of her.

            “My phone,” says Nina taking her phone from her pocket, reading the text message, looks around with a quizzical look on her face.  “Alysse says to meet her next to the stage.  Who is hosting this thing?”

            “Sam helped put it together, but she isn’t here, we’ve been calling her,” says Bev shrugging and falling into step with Jo as Jo walks over towards the stage. 

            Amy grimaces, this new calm, cool, and collective Jo is different to deal with than the woman she’d once had a fist fight with in a cold raging river in their teens.  “That went amazingly well,” says Amy to Nina in a low whisper.

            “Were you expecting fireworks?” asks Nina knowing that Amy is interested in her just as much for the fact that it will get a rise out of Jo.  Not that it bothers Nina too much, all Nina knows is she is enjoying herself. 

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