s*t*a*r*s - pt 2

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All right, lets make some noise!  I want this story to pick up the life that J*A*D*E*S had :)  - lets make it happen :)


            Natalie Summers watches as the crowd of incoming students pull suitcases behind them, wave hello to old friends, shy away from new ones.  Her dark blue eyes catch subtle movements, boys checking out the new girls, girls smiling at someone they like.  The open hallway that greets students at Haven Island is a sprawling room, vastly enormous.  Natalie is perched on the main staircase, her hands folded in front of her, perfectly still, ever the watch guard.

            Fifteen years ago, Natalie, still a young woman, barely out of her own childhood, had begun to turn Haven Island into one of the west coast’s premiere boarding school.  Once a private estate, the looming castle, located on an island in the San Francisco Bay is over forty acres of manicured lawns, and old oak trees.  The girl’s dorms are a part of the original castle structure, while the boy’s dorms are newly built, but matched the sand colored brick nonetheless.  Ivory and long unattended to vines wrap their way around the towers and small balconies that graced each girl’s dorm.  The kitchen, dining area, and gymnasium are also new additions fifteen years ago, nestled behind the great entry hall.  The original building, where half of the classes are held, still hold the allure of a castle that had been brought over to the Island from Scotland hundreds of years before.

            The school took in a variety of kids, not all are the rich spoiled brats that most boarding schools catered too.  They have a rather large scholarship program, mostly due to Natalie’s diligence to detail, and to keeping a number of very prominent member’s children enrolled at Haven Island Academy.  The other reason had been a rather large endowment from a loved one of Natalie’s who felt that the school is needed in the times to come.  The sole purpose of this school is to act as a place to reunite five powerful points of a long forgotten coven.  Five, not four, as many of the parents of the girls thought.  A hidden factor, one that Natalie had sworn to hold close to her heart, is here today.  Finally, Natalie would see the young girl that she’d taken care of when she’d been a baby.

            “It seems like a fine group this year,” says Eric Storm, the headmaster, from her left.  His salt and pepper hair always perfect, and his smile beaming. 

Natalie nods in the observation, keeping any comments to herself. 

Eric knows very well that this year’s freshman crop is one of the finest, due mostly to five young women that have never met been together at the same time, but will soon begin a new leg of a long going legacy.  Natalie has finally tracked down the last of them, having known of her existence, but not of her whereabouts since the girl, who is now below her, had been a 3 year old.


            “Hey, where did you get that?” asks Tegan Larkin as she drops a suitcase at the other girl’s feet.  Pointing to the other girl’s neck, the girl in question looks up.  Blue gray green eyes meet Tegan’s green-chipped ones – instinctively her hand touches the golden chain that lay at her breast, her eyes narrowing in a defensive manner. 

On the chain dangles a gold Egyptian ankh, and partially hidden behind it is a silver colored circle with nondescript laser etchings.  The girl doesn’t know what the circle is, she’d never had the chance to ask her mother, who had given her the charms in a very rare moment of weakness.  Her last moment in fact, but the girl pushes that uncomfortable thought from her mind.

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