s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 47

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            Jayden, Tegan, Abby, and Sydney arrive in a taxi at the front entrance of Abandon, Jo’s club, to find Rylee sitting against the wall, her head cradled in her arms.

            “Rylee,” whispers Abby.  She is out of the taxi before it stops and rushes over to Rylee.  “Rylee, are you okay?  Did something happen?”

            Rylee wipes the tears from her eyes and she looks away.  “I don’t want to talk about it.”

            Tegan and Jayden walk to her, but Sydney holds back.  Something is wrong, thinks Sydney but she can’t place the feeling.  It teeters on the edge of her mind, ticking her consciousness. 

            “Rylee?” asks Tegan.  Rylee stands, rubs her hands on her jeans and meets Tegan’s gaze.  She rushes into Tegan’s arms and starts to cry again. 

            “She’s going to live forever,” sobs Rylee to Tegan so that no one else hears. 

            “Ah, baby girl, that will change, you see, it will,” whispers Tegan, rubbing Rylee’s back.  “You just can’t disappear on us, okay?  We were all worried.”

            Rylee sniffs.  “I can take care of myself, thanks.  I’m the kickboxer, remember?”

            A roar of tires and revving engine screeches around the corner.  They look to see Spencer taking a black helmet off and setting a very fast looking bike on its kickstand.  “Found her?”

            “Whose bike is that?” ask Jayden.  “You can’t drive that.”

            “I can.  Jo taught me when I was like eight.  Same year I learned Klingon,” says Spencer.  She holds the helmet in her hands, not sure if she should approach Rylee.  “Are you okay?”

            “Everyone needs to quit asking me that,” orders Rylee.  “You live forever, I’m not okay.”

            Spencer’s lips curl into a smile.  “Only means you’re stuck with me the rest of your life.  I figure that’s not a bad thing, right?”

            Rylee’s emotions hitch up another notch.  That was true, wasn’t it?  She could have Spencer forever, her lifetime if she wants.  What has she done?

            Rylee hands the car keys to Jayden.  “I want to go home.”

            Spencer doesn’t walk to Rylee, she’s too angry, Spencer can feel the feeling ebbing from her but there is something else there too.  She can’t place it. 

            “I’ll ride with Spencer,” says Sydney. 

            Rylee shoots her a hot glare but Sydney ignores it.  “Come on, hot shot, give me the helmet, I’m not immortal,” teases Sydney. 

            Spencer extends her hand and gives the helmet to Sydney.  The others pile into the car and Jayden points to her watch and Spencer nods.  “Right behind you.”

            The car pulls out of the parking lot.  Spencer turns to Sydney, “What happened?”

            “I don’t know.  She was crying when we got here.  Maybe she wanted to get drunk, maybe she wanted to dance.”  Then Sydney thinks to herself, maybe she wanted to get laid.

            Spencer grunts, slips a leg over the bike and Sydney gets on behind her, wrapping her arms around Spencer.  “You can drive this?  Even with your leg?”

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