s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 97

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So, why the extra chapter?  Well, because someone just let me know that i've reached over 1 million reads here on Wattpad - that's pretty sweet.  So, thank you for reading :)


            “GOD!” growls Abby as they walk from their last class.  “Does Dathan have to assign a two hundred page paper to write?”  She kicks at a rock.

            Tegan reads the syllabus and says, “It’s only 3-5 pages, Abs, you tripping.  Since when do you complain about homework?  Where is our Abby?  Body snatchers!”

            “Don’t make those kinds of jokes,” grunts Rylee.  “It might be true!”

            Daisy comes running towards them.

            “Oh, great, the guitar girl,” grumbles Rylee.

            “Quit it,” laughs Spencer, swinging an easy arm around Rylee’s shoulder.  “She’s our roommate – for now.”

            “I just got off the phone with my Aunt Harley.  I had her listen to that song you sang,” says a breathless Daisy.

            “You did what?” asks Sydney giving Spencer a panicked look.

            “OH are you kidding!  It was brilliant and stunning.  Harley is filming a movie and they need sound track music and, that song, that song is totally a fuck song,” says Daisy.

            “A what song?” asks Spencer.

            Rylee has to laugh.  “A song that they use during a racy scene, Spencer.  You know – the  music that was playing when…”

            Spencer slaps her hand playfully over Rylee’s mouth.  Rylee proceeds to seductively lick the inside of her palm.  “Eh, merde!” snaps Spencer, wiping her hand on Rylee’s shirt.

            “Wow, you two are cute – listen, are you listening?  She wants us to go record the song this weekend.  This is the sound track of a major motion picture.  They are calling this the Brokeback for lesbians,” says Daisy seriously.

            “Brokeback?” asks Spencer.  Spencer hates all the pop culture references because she missed out on a lot of TV and movies when she was running around the world on Jo’s coat tails.

            Tegan sighs heavily, leans over and whispers to Abby.  “Put that on our NetFlix queue will you?”

            “Noted,” whispers Abby.

            Daisy blinks and then shakes her head.  “Brokeback Mountain?”

            Spencer shrugs her amber and blue eyes and looks at each one of her friends.  “What?”

            “It’s a movie about two gay cowboys…,” begins Sydney trying not to fall over in laughter.  Spencer’s cluelessness is adorable sometimes.

            “That’s wrong right there, gay cowboys?  That’s an oxymoron, right?” asks Spencer.  “I don’t watch movies much you know that.  And, I don’t watch things JUST because they are gay.”

            “What kind of lesbian are you?” asks Daisy, crossing her arms.  Rylee can’t help it she sits on the wet grass and giggles uncontrollably. 

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