s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 106 - finale

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Author’s Note: One of the greatest challenges as a writer is to make it believable, to make the story, even if its fantasy,real enough that you can sit down and be lost in a story.  Then, if you’re a decent writer you want characters that bring a reader back, again and again. Yes, grammar counts, yes, structure counts, yes voice counts, all those things make a story.  But, if you can create a character that can draw a crowd, be flawed but human, or in some cases, non-human, many readers will read ANYTHING that writer will write.  I’ve been very lucky, I created Jo Wheaton in 1986 while in Florida visiting my best friend, Jason and his lil sister, Joy.  I then surrounded her with family, friends, and later, with power and a story, oh yes, there is a plot and a thread, Fate Fights to Right Itself.  She’s a tricky girl to write, that Jo.  Much later, three years ago actually, I woke up from a dream and all I could think of was the color blue and a one legged girl who smiled a lot like Jo, but was more fierce, stronger, smarter and much more brave than Jo ever was.  I didn’t know her name, but I knew that her mother was Jo and that simply couldn’t happen, but Spencer told me how to make it happen.  The 1st scene I thought of was the cave scene, then Spencer’s meeting with Tegan and I had to make sure that scene, between the daughter’s of Jo and Amy had NO spark, nothing, no flicker at all.  While Jo is a fave, Spencer is a rock.  A vengeful, powerful, rock what is surrounded by equally powerful and steadfast characters.  The characters truly do drive this piece, I have no say in it, this is their story.  I can plot something and it happens 2 books later because they aren’t ready or something else is in the way, they tell me what to do, I sometimes wonder just what the hell I’m thinking.  I never intended for Jo to be alive in s*t*a*r*s, she was dead.  D.E.A.D.  Today, I am posting the final chapter of s*t*a*r*s – 6 and you will all get to see the rock that Spencer has always been in my mind, the commander in chief so to speak.  Rock on, dot com – Janet MG


             Outside of the door on Haven Island, Emma is leaning against the door, flashes of the inevitable don’t batter her; instead she is blank.  There is nothing coming to her, as if there were a wall up for her to see the future, pushing hard, willing something to come, but nothing does.  In all the years of wielding this power, it has never really failed Emma.  But this time, there are no images, no way of seeing what would and could happen.

           There is no saving grace for her best friend, her oldest friend, her partner.  Emma feels her whole body aching, knowing that if given the chance, she’d give her life for Jo.  Resting her head back against the wood, tears stream down her cheeks.  Shelby sits next to her, “We need to do this, if we’re going to let her die peacefully, we need to remove the DarkHeart.”

             “I know,” whispers Emma in a gut wrenching tone.  “When Spencer comes out,” she adds, nodding and thinking that it is time, Jo has to be awake for it to happen, no wasting time.

             “She’s already out,” says Rylee the look her mother and her friends give her is cold.  “Jo would have laughed, come on, that is good, Spencer is out, not out of the room, but she’s OUT!”

             “She would have,” chuckles Bev the first smile in days comes to her lips.  Bev looks around, thinking it is time for her to act, but to do that, she needs Spencer to come out of that room. 

             Spencer is vital to the plan that she is about to set in motion, she doesn’t know how she is going to get BACK into the room with Darci, Emma, Shelby, Amy and Natalie in there, but she’ll work on that when she has the vial of DNA altered blood.  She’ll kick the door open and wrestle them all if she has too, even though they can do things to her without touching her.  Bev is beginning to think that together, the women of J*A*D*E*S are nearly invincible. 

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